Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 40: "Over the Hump," Planting Seeds, I Love the Scriptures!

We really are paving the way for other missionaries to baptize our investigators. Regina was visiting family all week and didn't come to church. Maria del Carmen who has been searching and in need for a better job found one, but she has to work Sunday mornings so neither of them will be baptized on their planned date. Throughout the week we were searching for someone ready who could be baptized quickly and we thought we found three potentials but they all three of the appointments fell through and we could never end up teaching them this week. One of the contacts we had made was super friendly and we got so excited but when we went back a few days later for the appointment. He was outside his house and when he saw us coming he went inside and then didn't answer the door. Strange huh?

That was how it went all week- we taught very little and were out clapping doors more than usual (most people here have gates outside their houses so we have to clap instead of knock). At least this week it was a little cooler than usual. People have their lives and their things to do and we couldnt find anyone outside of our normal investigators who would let us in. At times it is hard to keep the faith that somebody will listen and accept the gospel but then I study the scriptures and they always help me out. This week I read D&C 15 which talks about the importance of preaching the gospel. I read Alma 10-24 too about when King Lamoni and his father and then a whole bunch of cities are converted. The Anti-Nephi-Lehi´s are formed and they would rather die than fight against the Lamanites. And then when the Lamanites see their example and great faith and repent and are converted too! I am gaining a new love for the scriptures and I can say I am feasting on the words of Christ more than ever. They are incredible!

The highlight of the week was a baptism of an investigator of the Elders. Our ¨baptismal font swimming pool thing broke so we had to travel to the nearest chapel to have the baptism. It was a really great service! The girl is 18 years old and should have her baby in 2 weeks! I played the piano and the Elders of the other ward said that nobody knows how to play the piano in their ward. They just sing a capela every week. They said it was so good to sing with a piano! Tell the kids to keep practicing because it is so useful to know how to play!

After the baptism we had lunch with the Huertas family and while we were waiting for the train we decided to have a mini photo shoot on the tracks. This huge white dog came and I guess wanted photos too! If you guys have forgotten there are so many dogs here!  

Also, Hermana Dias surprised me with a "cumple-mes" ["Happy Month"] banner for my 9 months in the mission! She is so sweet!

Well that's all for this week- sorry its not too exciting! Love you guys!

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