Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 66: To the Temple with Laura & Brian Fernandez

Hermana Medford and I were able to go to the endowment session and sealing of Laura and Brian Fernandez and their kids Tobias and Titi who got baptized in my first area San Vicente! It was amazing to see Laura and Brian in the temple. I am so grateful that they stayed faithful this year so they could be sealed! I know that will stay faithful- they are wonderful people! It was really an unforgettable moment to see their family in the temple. It was wonderful to go the the temple again and lots of memories from the MTC came to mind as we walked around the temple. It was a big reunion of he branch of San Vicente as many people came to support them and I loved being able to see them again after so long. Hermana Abate Daga, (now "Julietta" since she went home 4 months ago) was able to come from her home in Cordoba so I got to see her again!  What a blessing that I could meet this family early in my mission so I could see them get sealed and that the temple is in my mission! I am so incredibly grateful.​

   Brian, Laura, Tobias, and Titi Fernandez after being Sealed as a Family at the Buenos Aires Temple

       Laura, Brian, and many members of the San Vicente Branch who came to support them

Also I love my new area Claypole! Hermana Medford and I found a family who let us in to teach on Tuesday! The parents are Karla and Ricardo and their 6 kids ages 12-3 and the Ricardo´s brother Juan are listening to us! We had two more lessons with them with a member who accompanied us and they came to a ward activity on Friday! As we were walking to the activity, a few friends wanted to come too and a group of 15 people ended up walking to the church with us- 12 of them being kids under the age of 10. It was amazing and a little crazy walking in the street with all these people. But they loved the activity and the members welcomed them really well and exchanged numbers with the mom. Then on Sunday, we went to pick up the family for church and the whole family and Juan came with us! They live relatively close to the church so the walk wasn't so bad! What a miracle, seriously! The parents have to get divorced from other marriages and then get married, so they can´t get baptized for now. But 3 of the children and Juan are all eligible for baptism!

I am out of time, but I loved a lesson with another investigator named Oscar who is an older man who is already in Jacob chapter 6 in El Libro de Mormon! We are struggling to get him to go to church and he is still looking for his answer of the truthfulness of the gospel. But we are working with him! 

What a great week! I am so happy!

Hermana Medford is so great! We only speak English if we don´t know the word in Spanish. We get along great especially since we have been on our missions for about the same length of time and are from the same culture, so we understand each other!

                     Saying goodbye to wonderful ward members in my last area of Temperley 

           Wonderful Young Women and Return Missionaries in Temperley

                       Hermana Zarate and I with our wonderful investigator Sol

                                                 With the Bishop and his Wife

                                    Hard to say goodbye to Hermana Zarate

                                           Hermana Medford and I

                                             Buenos Aires Temple in the distance

                                                  What a Joy to go to the Temple!


                                                        Brian and Laura on their Sealing Day

                          Wonderful friend and ward member from San Vicente

                      Julietta Abate Daga and her boyfriend who lives here in Buenos Aires. :)


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week 65: Transfer to Claypole/New Companion Hermana Medford

So we recieved the news on Saturday and I am now in Claypole with my first companion (other than the MTC) from the US! Her name is Hermana Medford and she is from Pleasant Grove, Utah. She finishes her mission in October so I will be her last companion! She is a sister training leader so I will be having lots of exchanges! I heard the best news yesterday! The other sister training leader is in San Vicente so in half of the exchanges I will be able to return to my first area! I am so excited!

                 Here is Hermana Medford with a former companion, Hermana Chaffin

Last week, I was still sick and not getting better but we went to the hospital and they said I have bronchitis. So we rested a few days and only went to the appointments we had. I feel better now and am only congested with less cough now. We were able to teach Mariela, Alma, and Azul which was great- they are reading and praying as a family! There was a huge storm on Sunday so they didn't come to church. :( But we have gained a lot of confidence with Sol and she were able to teach her and she did come to church even in the rain! I know she is going to get baptized one day! She wrote me a really sweet letter since I was changing areas and I won´t be able to see her again. 

Deborah, the return missionary, accompanied us to teach Evylin and the lesson was so great! They got along realy well and Deborah bore powerful testimony. With her help Evylin should progress more quickly! We were also able to teach a new family named Angelina and Emanuel. She is a member but he isn´t and he is already super prepared to be baptized. My companion has a lot of people to work with for baptisms! :)

Also on Tuesday the district meeting was so spiritual! Two missionaries that have finished thier missions bore their testimonies about what they learned. We learned about making decisions and how to make the best ones and not just good ones to use our time in the most efficient way possible. I felt the spirit a lot and we said lots of goodbyes as I might not see the other misionaries again in our zone because I was changing areas.

                                           Final Week with Hermana Zarate

 It was so bittersweet to say goodbye to all the members- I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting. I realized I only have two more testimony meetings in Argentina! I grew to love Banfield 1 and I already miss it so much! I felt their love as we hugged for the last time and as they thanked me for my service. It was hard to say goodbye to Hna. Zarate too! Yesterday afternoon I was driven here to Claypole. So this week I will be learning and meeting the members and investigators. Hna. Medford said that almost all of the area is dirt roads and we are expecting lots of rain so its a good thing I have rain boots! Woohoo lots of mud!

I have a lot of pictures but the computers in this cyber don´t read my card so I can´t send them! :( Hopefully next week!

I love you all!

Hermana McBride

Week 64: Family Progressing, Transfers Approaching

To answer your question Mom, yes, I am still playing the piano every week in sacrament meeting! That´s great that you guys were able to go to the Philadelphia  temple! My prayers have been answered and I will be able to go to the Buenos Aires temple on Sep. 9th to see the sealing of Laura and Brian who were baptized during my training in August! I am super excited!

On Wednesday we helped a few sisters in a Relief Society activity print family names to take to the temple. It was fun and I will send pictures afterward. The Relief Society president was really stressed out because everyone who was going to help cancelled last minute so she was so grateful that we could come and help. 

    Helping the Relief Society Sisters

On Thursday we had an appointment with Mariela, Alma, and Azul and the daughters have a baptism date for September 16. Transfers are next week and I will probably leave the area so I won't be there but oh well- I am just happy that this family is learning and progressing!

Afterwards we visited Alejandra and her kids, recent converts, and it was so great! Her kids had really awesome questions and we taught Ale about the meaning of a patriarchal blessing. I loved being with their family and she gave us really yummy cake so that was a plus! That same night a widow named Mirta Colosimo (member) called us and invited us over too. She lives alone and wasn't feeling good so we went and helped her in the house and gave her some company. And she gave us more food- we were so stuffed afterwards! We were overly blessed with food that day!

On Friday and Saturday we mainly stayed in the pench and rested because first I got sick and then Hna. Zarate! We have a sore throat, stuffy nose, and a terrible cough. We bought some medicine but it seems like every day we are getting worse so we are going to the doctor today to see if they can give us something that helps. We are so tired of feeling bad and I hope we get better soon! 

Yesterday we had a special video conference in the stake center where we watched Elder Rasband and other authorities talk specifically to all of Argentina, Uraguay, and Paraguay. One of the talks was about missionary work and the members and it was awesome! At the same time it made me a little sad that the members aren´t very involved in the work. I would love it if the members would give us more references and would help us find more people to teach. Just us, the work is hard and not very efficient. The people are more receptive if they can hear the testimony of a friend. I can count the number of lessons I´ve taught with members in my mission on two hands and I wish it could have been different.

This week is Week 6 of the transfer so we will be waiting anxiously to hear our transfers on Saturday! 

Love you!

Hermana McBride

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 63: Comraderie with Other Missionaries is a Blessing

We had interviews with President and it was super great as always. As we were waiting our turn, our zone sang songs and chatted. At one point, we sang "A Child's Prayer" each of us in our own language. Three languages at the same time. English, Portugués, y Español. Super cool experience. Hymns can bring the Spirit so strongly.

 Our district activity from last P-day- we ate chicken terriaki and played handball- super fun!

 With Hermana Gove from Utah

 Hermana Zarate and Hermana Gove

This week we were able to teach Evelin and Sol! Evelin (age 17) still has doubts about baptism that we have to help her with. And she has the habit that she sleeps in really late so she never makes it to church. The lesson with Sol (age 15) was super great and afterward she accompanied us for 3 hours and helped us make contacts. We also gave her a tour of the chapel. She is afraid that she will lose her friends if she gets baptized so its going to take some time. And she is hesitant to go to church. Little by little with these girls... :)

Our zone also came to work in our area for a few hours and they found some new investigators for us! We helped a member named Mercedes do family history. We were able to teach 2 other investigators named Sivia and Camila. The discussion was super great but they are hesitant to want to change.

We were blessed with great weather this week and it wasn't as cold! It was a much better week! My problem these days is that I am always tired. I am super excited to be able to take a good nap again. As hard as we work, the 8 hours every night just doesn't seem to get me fully replenished. 

And on Saturday we had exchanges and I was with Hermana Gove from Utah! She goes home 6 weeks before me and it was great to talk with her and get to know her better! She is super awesome and it made me crave a companion from the states! 

Aww thanks Mom for your kind words! Enjoy playing tennis for me- I miss it a lot! Every time we see people playing my heart breaks a little... It is good motivation to work hard to be back in match shape when I return. 

Love you all so much!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Week 62: Though Patience Required, Tender Mercies Abound

This week was a bit hard- it was really cold and windy all week and our investigators that we were excited about- Evelin and Sol are trying our patience. We couldn't find them both this week at all! We would call and make an appointment and then they wouldn't be there. We had a lot of other appointments but nearly all of them fell through. I feel peace because I know we are doing our part, but it still hurts a bit when we only were able to teach 1 lesson to investigators and the rest of the time we are just walking and knocking doors. Missionary work in the winter is a little slow at times. On the bright side, my legs are super strong! :)

Our only lesson was with Mariela, Azul, and Alma and we watched The Testaments as their first Family Home Evening. It was awesome and it is easy to see that they are changing and are more happy as a family. They have been reading and praying and are just waiting until September when Alma and Azul can go to church and be baptized!

The lunches with members are a big part of what keeps me going and I have come to love them so much! There are a lot of widows in the ward that give us lunch and they are so happy to be with us and have someone to talk to because they live alone! It is amazing to hear their testimonies that they have despite many deaths in the family and hardships in their lives. 

We started teaching a less active family and we were able to keep teaching Juana and Victoriano and his health was good enough that he came to church this week for the first time in 3 months! 

My favorite part of the week was when we visited a nursing home as a zone and talked with them and then sang hymns. It reminded me of visiting Masonic Village and it was so good to help make their day a little better. The lady that is in the picture appears depressed but I talked with her for a while and she is super awesome! Her name is Susana and she is 97 years old! She was born in 1920 and it was amazing to hear about her life. They had the heat turned up a lot so all of the faces of us from the states are super red! 
                                        Singing at a Senior Center with the Zone

Then this morning we had a pancake breakfast party with all the hermanas that are serving in the Banfield stake. It was super fun! We went to the apartment of hermanas that live in Lomas de Zamora, and the pictures are from on top of the skyscraper that they live in! Every P-day we go to Lomas to write our families and buy our food and it is so fun to go look on all the shops there are in the "mall" and be in the city for a few hours. I am going to miss Lomas!

Mom- I am excited to do excercise with you too! I am glad that you had a great anniversary and that you won those two league matches! You look so good and healthy in the photo Dad sent me! I am so proud that you are my mom! Thanks for being a healthy role model for me.

I love you all!


Hermana McBride

 The View from the Hermana's apartment in Lomas de Zamora

 All the Hermanas in the Banfield Area

Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 61: New Investigators/Seeing the growth the Mission has taught me

This week we were able to teach Evelin and Damian. They were super interested in Joseph Smith and I love teaching them. They weren´t able to come to church, but hopefully the next week!

We also taught Mariela and her daughters Alma and Azul. They can´t come to church all this month so they can´t get baptized until September... But we are going to do FHE with them and keep teaching and helping them learn. 

We have also been visiting recent converts Juana and Victoriano who are 72 and 78 years old. They are really funny and it is so great to see them smile when we come to visit them. They are a little lonely and they get so happy when we come! Through our little actions we can help others so much! This week we started teaching their granddaughter named Sol. She is 15 years old and wants to be baptized too! 

On Thursday we had zone Conference. I was uplifted as I listened to Pres and Hermana Calquin and the assistants. I felt so grateful to be here and learn the importance of service and how to share the gospel.  Afterward we played sports and I realized how out of shape I am. I was super sore afterwards and I am nervous for what it´s going to feel like to train for tennis again.

On Saturday the Elders had a baptism of a man named Carlos. They found him two weeks ago and he was so ready to hear the gospel! It was cool to see how somebody could accept the gospel so quickly! 

If we are not teaching we are walking in the streets and talking to almost everyone who crosses our path. We look for the old contacts or old investigators and try to make appointments with them. We have a lot of appointments the next week so we will see if we can find some new investigators. A lot of times the appointments fall through but now it doesn't bother me. It's the same thing every day so at times I don´t know what to write!

 My companion who has less time in the mission has a harder time accepting when the people aren't there, or when they don´t progress very quickly. I have learned not worry about things I can't control which is a something I think will be useful after the mission too. I have to be positive for her and help her have the faith that there are people for us to find. 
I can see parts of the old me in Hna. Zarate and I am happy to see that I have changed and progressed in the mission and I know that she will too! Some things just take time to learn. I am glad I can be an example for her. She is still super sweet and is always looking for ways to help! I am enjoying my time with her.

Bishop Pititto (the bishop here in Banfield 1) said in his testimony yesterday that getting angry or stressed or upset is our own decision. I think that is so true and it is definitely an important lesson to learn in the mission when we are surrounded by multiple disappointments and rejections every day. When we make the choice to not let it bother us, we can get a lot more done.

I love my area. I would be happy to be here the rest of my mission but I probably will leave after this transfer in the first week of September. I know my way around pretty well and we have friends that we always see in the street that we always say hi! The members are giving us lunch every day now and members that we have never eaten with have been signing up, so I am enjoying my  getting to know them. I am a bit comfortable here so I know a change is coming...

I love you all! 

P.S. Wow Mom the pictures of the waterfall are so pretty! That was scary about Champ and I hope he gets better soon! 

Awww JJ is so sweet haha I am excited to eat Mac and Cheese again too- they don´t have it here. Well they don´t eat very much cheese in general here- it is something I miss!

Week 60: I love my area of Timperley

Hi Mom. My health is just great! I feel super blessed with my health! Yes, if nobody lets us in to teach, we are walking all day in the cold but the movement of walking warms us up. But I don´t have pains or problems!

This week was awesome! Full of miracles. First on Monday we received a referral from a member and we were able to teach them! They are Miriam and her mom Marta and they have a lot of faith. It was rainy and cold on Sunday so they weren't able to come to church, but they want to next week! The lessons were so great and teaching the lessons have become one of my favorite things in the mission.

Yesterday we taught a 17 year old named Evelin and her brother in law Damian. She was a contact that we made in the street and she said that she was looking for a church to go to but didn't know which. Her mom let us in and we were able to gain a lot of trust in this family. Evelin has been struggling with depression but I think our message helped her. She has a lot of sincere desire to learn more about the church and God and has a baptism date! Damian too! I loved teaching them and helping them! 

Also on Saturday the Elders and us organized a Ward Family home Evening and they were going to give the lesson and we were in charge of the activity. An hour before it started they called to say that a dog bit one of the elders and that they had to go to the hospital and couldn't come! We had an appointment with Miriam and Marta right before the FHE and now it was up to us to lead the whole activity! We had invited all of our investigators and the members and it was pretty stressful! It ended up that 13 members came and none of the investigators, but it was still really great! We planned a quick lesson and had a lot of participation and it was fun to get to know the members better. I am loving my area!

The photo was when Hermana Zarate and I made Ham and cheese empanadas for lunch one day! They are one of my favorite foods! Hermana Zarate is super great and is always serving me. She makes me breakfast, or makes my bed, or washes the dishes. She is super sweet! She is a really great teacher and works really hard. If I didn't know better I wouldn't believe that she only has 3 months in the mission. I have been so blessed with my companions!

Love you all!

Hermana McBride

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 59: My New Companion- Hermana Zerate

So I had written a nice long letter before and somehow it all got deleted before I could send it! :( Now I am out of time but I will try to sum up the week quickly!

Transfers: I am staying in Temperley and received Hermana Zarate from Peru as my new companion! She just left her first area and has 3 months in the mission. She was with Hermana Manner and didn´t move far- she is in the same zone! In the photo of the zone she is sitting to my right. She got baptized two years ago and is super sweet! It is going to be an awesome transfer! I feel so blessed for my companions! It was so hard to say goodbye to Hermana Rivarola! We are such great friends and the scary thing in the mission is that you never know if you will see them again. Hermana Roman has finished her mission and will be flying to Ecuador today- we were able to see her on Saturday for the last time! It is cool having all of my companions from other countries, but it will be difficult to see them again after the mission!  :(  At least there is Skype!

Other highlight: We have been teaching Marcela after all and even though she says she still isn´t ready to be baptized, she knows the church is true! Before she struggled with the idea of no coffee and tea, but this week she told us that for a few weeks now she had decided that she wasn´t going to drink them more! On the last night with Hna Rivarola she made us empanadas and told us she wanted us at her baptism! She still doesn´t accept a date, but her heart is softening and she is progressing! (the photo is of Marcela and her mom Kika- the people we found on my first day here in Temperley that I talked about in Skype)

We are teaching Mariela and her hijas Azul and Alma (ages 9 and 10). They are so fun to teach and we hope the daughters can be baptized this transfer, we will see!
I'm Going to Miss Hermana Rivarola Dearly!

 My Zone. My new companion Hma Zerate (from Peru) is just to my right

 Marcela and her mom Kika

Marcela made us Empanadas


Mom, I wrote Dean the first week and he didn´t respond my questions, so I have just been forwarding my weekly message to him. This week I will add something for him. sounds like it was a rough week for him.

Week 58: Great Reunion with my MTC Companion

This week was so awesome! On Wednesday July 12 we had exchanges and Hna. Manner, my companion from the MTC, is a sister training leader now and she came to my area to work with me for a day! We realized that it was exactly one year since we left the MTC and entered the mission field! How cool that we were able to be companions for a day after one year! We talked about the good old times and marveled at how much we have learned and all that has happened. It is amazing how fast time flies. Remember the Elder that scared us and told the joke about the shoes on the telephone wires? Well now he is my district leader and has to call us every night. It was funny because he called when Hna. Manner and I were together again and the three of were laughing about that day. Hna. Manner is still upset haha. This Elder served in Cañuelas the same time as me and now is in the same ward as me again so I have already forgiven him, but Hna. Manner no!

Then on Saturday there was a Capilla Abierta in Claypole and it was great! In the morning we worked in a part super poor with dirt roads and with all the rain we´ve been having that means lots of mud. Luckilly we had our rain boots but I have never been so grateful for cement! In the afternoon it started raining but miraculously we were still able to give 6 or 7 tours of the capilla. The best part was when an investigator that got baptized this weekend came and wanted to hear us sing hymns so as we we waiting for more people to come, I sang with a couple other hermanas and the spirit was so strong! It was great to see a lot of other missionaries all together and to see friends from my other areas again.

The rest of the week Hna, Rivarola and I enjoyed our time together! We know that this upcoming week is our last week as companions because this is our 2nd transfer together. It rained a few days and these last couple days have been super super cold. Enjoy the heat of summer for me! We spoke with many people and invited them to come unto Christ and even though many didn´t accept our invitation- at least we opened our mouths! We are doing a lot of planting seeds here and the missionaries in the future are going to have a ton of baptisms I am sure! Even though our investigators aren´t progressing as we would like them too, we know we are doing our best and fulfilling our part. By small and simple things, great things come to pass! D&C 64:33-34

This is Week 6 of the transfer... on Saturday we will hear about transfers! It has been a great 3 months with Hna. Rivarola and I love her so much! If you remember from the Mother´s Day Skype, she is a bit crazy but it has been so great! She is really loving and funny and I am going to miss her! We are anxious to hear what will happen the next transfer!

Also, Hna. Dias is flying home to Brazil tomorrow and has finished her mission! Hna. Roman will go home the next Monday and I am grateful that I could see her at the Capilla Abierta before she leaves!As more and more of my companions are finishing their missions, I am realizing that my time is running short too! I only have 3 more transfers left and I am trying to make the best of the time I have in Argentina!

Mom:  Wow that kayaking trip sounds so cool! I would love to go on the next trip! The photos are so pretty. Wow Happy anniversary to grandma and grandpa!

Week 57: Great Week with the Sister Training Leaders (ETM's) 7/10

This week was so great with the Etms Hna. Davis and Hna. Lopez. It was so great to be reunited as a trio with Hna. Lopez. And Hna. Davis is super fun so we enjoyed our time together. It rained almost every day and was super cold but I am noticing that the weeks that the weather is bad are the best because there are always more miracles. God blesses us for our sacrifices! We walked so so so much and talked to nearly everybody that crossed our path.

 Every day we come home just exhausted- I have never walked so much in my life until I came to this area. We found a lot of new investigators. One of them, named Mariela is super interested and has two daughters ages 9 and 10 and they all agreed to be baptized! They came to church this week too even though it was raining! Woo hoo!

 On Saturday we had a Tormenta Blanca in our area where 16 other missionaries in our zone came and worked in our area for 2 hours and helped us find a lot of new people! Also, remember that I said we don´t have very many lunches with members? Well this past week almost every day members offered to feed us and this week too! One member in particular named Alba Rodriguez fed us 4 for two days in a row and gave us a bag full of the necesities shampoo, toothpaste, and handsoap- super sweet!

We felt loved by the members this week!   Also on Sunday we had a Ward Family Activity and even when it was pouring, 12 members came and we had a great lesson and activity! A sister from the ward who was serving the mission in Paraguay finished her mission this week and she taught the lesson for us. It is great to talk with her because she understands how it is in the mission! She is excited to help and I think she will be able to accompany us this week.  Today we had an district activity that was really fun. We ate pizza and ice cream and played Signs and ping pong. The friends I have made in the mission is a great plus!

Great Week with Hermana Davis and Hermana Lopez

Great relationships are one of the wonderful blesssings of our missions

Week 56: The Strength of a Companionship during Hard Times

 My District

In this area the members are not very supportive of us. :( Maybe 3 times a week we have lunch from the members, but they just give us something to go and we eat it in the pension. This past week we ate ravioles, milanaisas (like a chicken patty), eggs with squash, rice, and chicken. If we have to cook, we eat lots of eggs with guacamole, rice, salads, or tortillas. For breakfast I am eating granola, oatmeal, eggs, or yogurt, and we just eat an mandarin orange with a cup of herbal tea for dinner. We have a cook book in every pension in the mission so this week we planned to make empanadas, sub sandwiches, homemade mac and cheese, and hamburgers to change up the menu a little bit because only one member is going to give us lunch this week. More ideas would be helpful! It doesn´t bother me too much that we don´t have lunch- it is the hardest on Sunday. At times I wish we had better relationships with the ward- missionary work always works better when the members work with us. But I like that I can choose the food I eat so I can maintain my weight more easily. I am trying to limit how much sugar and wheat I eat.

And yeah we give out Libros de Mormon in the street in our contacts- Hna. Rivarola and I with the ETMs gave out 40 this week. We offer them a pass along card first and if they show a little interest we give them a book too. President Calquin wants us to flood our areas with El Libro de Mormon. 

This week with Hna. Chaffin and Hna. Ochoa was a bit hard- we worked a ton talking with the people in the streets but we only found one new investigator. Our other investigators aren´t progressing either- it is hard find them in their houses to have lessons with them. It was a bit frustrating but I have the peace of mind that we did everything in our power and that no effort is lost. God sees all of our work and sometimes the blessings come in different ways than we expect.

I am super grateful for my sweet companion, Hna. Rivarola. Without support from the members and rejection from the people everyday, she is the friend that makes me laugh and together we can make it through the hard times.

 Romina (one of our wonderful investigators) and her family!

The next week will be better! We have the other ETMs with us- Hna. Lopez and Hna Davis!

 My Zone

Sister Training Leaders with me and my companion Hermana Rivarola

The Elders that serve in our ward with us

To answer your question Mom: Okay the fulfilment Center pays well at least! I was thinking about whether or not I should work or not- I don´t know if the amount of money I would earn would be worth more than the time I could spend with the family. Maybe I should just be at home to help around the house, organize everything for college, and spend time the family. It depends on how much you and dad are able to help pay for college too. Maybe it´s better that I work part time to make connections for the summer and gain a little cash. I am willing but I just don´t want to lose time with the family or make things more complicated with transportation. Just my thoughts...indecisive as ever. :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 55: Gaining Appreciation for Our Area

                           "The Best Trio in the World" (taken a few weeks ago)

This week we had a lot of success and we found 8 new investigators again! For some reason very few other missionaries before us worked in the lower half of our area. We are focusing a lot of time there and it is full of people who are willing to listen to us! On Friday we had Zone conference and I enjoyed it a lot! I love these meetings that we have and I always learn a lot.

Then on Saturday morning we had a "Tormenta Blanca" (where a lot of missionaries work in one area for a morning)  in Banfield 2 (Lomas de Zomora) in the area of the assistants to the president and we gained a new gratitude for our area. The people there weren't very willing to listen and were rude at times. It was amazing how this area was so much more difficult to work in even though it isn't very far away from our area. We managed to give out the 9 Libros de Mormon we had in the 3 hours we worked. It was so hard to get the people to accept the book! I learned how to shorten our message down as they were all pretty busy and how to be a little more persistent.  

This week two of our investigators who we thought had the most potential told us that they didn't want to be baptized but that they would keep listening to us. We were a bit sad but we are learning that we need to have patience and understand that the people we find probably aren't going to get baptized quickly as it takes time to accept a new religion. We are planting seeds!

The photos are of  and of . Also the other photo is 

This week we will have the ETMs (the traveling sisters) with us- Hna Chaffin and Hna Ochoa! It should be great and we will find even more people- woo hoo!

 Here are all the hermanas that were at the Zone Conference

Hermana Johnson- she is from Utah and reminds me so much of Aunt Ellen! Her appearance, laugh, and fun personality are so similar!

Week 54: Hearts Being Softened

With everything going on at home with Dean's departure, you'd think that I might be feeling some homesickness. But don't worry, I am super focused on the work here! Being comp. mayor (senior companion) with Hna. Rivarola is more responsibility and I am working hard to be an example for her. We are really busy trying to visit all of our investigators and a few of them are really progressing! This week we found 8 new people- we are talking with as many people as we can in the street and I am so grateful that here in Argentina the people give out their names, address, and telephone number super easily. I feel like in the US the people aren't as friendly and wouldn't be so willing to give out information.

My favorite moments from the week:

Remember our investigator Genoveva from a few weeks ago? She had been super sick but we were finally able to teach her again this week! But it wasn't only her. Her husband, two daughters, and granddaughter all listened to us and they all accepted a baptismal date! It was such an amazing lesson!

One day we had 15 minutes to spare before a lesson and we decided to pass by an old investigator named Maria that we thought didn't have very much potential to progress but she let us in and we taught her in 20 minutes and she said that she wanted to be baptized! 

That day the next lesson was with a woman named Karina who is super sweet but has been Catholic all of her life and is having doubts about whether she should be baptized.

We also taught a lady named Elizabeth and I was amazed at her faith as she said she believed that Joseph Smith had the First Vision and that it made sense to her that it happened when he was 14 years old because his heart would be more pure than older people. She has a baptism date too! 

I can´t explain how much love I feel for these people as I teach them. My prayers are more fervent and I want them to accept the gospel in their lives so much!  So in my personal study I have been looking for scriptures that we can share with them that would help them with their doubts, or I study Preach My Gospel to learn how to be a better teacher or to gain more motivation to talk to everyone! The Lord really does help our weaknesses become strong- I used to struggle to focus my mind on the mission but now I can honestly say that I am more focused than ever! It is an awesome feeling to lay down at night and be able to say that I did everything in my power this day to invite others to come unto Christ. 

We saw so many miracles this week and I know this is God´s work! We are working with so many people that could get baptized this next month! We just have to help them feel the Spirit more in their lives and get them to come to church. I am so unbelievable happy and I am loving the mission!

Wow this letter was so hard to write... I kept starting to write in Spanish or had to think twice about how to form a sentence in English... My companion has been telling me that I have been talking in my sleep- in Spanish! In language study I was helping Hna. Rivarola with her English and she wanted to have a conversation and I have to think a lot to talk in English. It isn't natural anymore. Wow, amazing how the mind changes. I am trying to enjoy every moment in the mission and speaking spanish because afterwards I won´t use it as much!

Mom:  I am so glad that your leg is getting better.  I have been praying every day for you! Thanks for always writing me- love you!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 53: Fantastic Conference with Elder Clayton; Transfers

This transfer I am staying with Hermana Rivarola in Banfield 1! Hermana Lopez left us and it is sad that we are separated now. She is going to be a traveling sister and will help a lot more hermanas just as she did with us. She is such a special person and a great missionary and it was a thanks to her example that we had so much success. She talks with everyone she sees in the street, teaches with confidence, and in the pench is always obedient and looking for opportunities to serve. It was a great blessing to be companions with her- our trio was so awesome! Now Hna. Rivarola and I are going to take what we learned with her and continue the work here! It is going to be a great transfer and I have found a new excitement and love for the work- I am more happy than ever! I feel so blessed to be here in the mission.

The conference on Wednesday was so great- it was the first time in my mission that all the missionaries were together. I sent the bulletin from this week that has a lot of pictures from the conference. It was so great to see old friends and to feel the spirit as Elder Clayton reminded us of our purpose here and the importance of our work. He talked about how quickly the church has grown in Argentina and all of South America and gave us tips on how to teach better. I also received a really sweet letter from Laura Fernandez by way of the missionaries in San Vicente. It was from the family who was baptized in August. She and her family are planning to be sealed in the temple in September and President Calquin said that I could go! I am super excited!

We found a few new investigators this week. We try to follow up with all of our investigators but a lot of them are sick or there aren't home for the appointment we set. As an update on Marcela who I love so much:  she is going through a lot of personal problems and needs to find a new job and is super stressed. We have only been able to teach her once in the last two weeks because she is so busy. She isn't progressing so we are going to have to discontinue teaching her, but I know that in the future once her life calms down a bit she will get join the church. 

On Sunday it was ward conference and the choir of new members and missionaries performed with me accompanying and it turned out so well! One of the photos is of the choir and the other is of a recent convert named Alejandra with her kids (and she has one more son). A few months ago her and the kids who were above age 8 all got baptized and they all come to church every week! Last week as we were arriving to the chapel we saw her with all of her kids a few blocks away walking to church. It was such a powerful moment for me to see Alejandra walking to church with her 4 kids- her faith and determination to live the gospel and teach her kids this new lifestyle that the missionaries introduced into her life. It gave me hope that there are other families like her who are ready to accept the gospel- we just have to find them! 

Sorry I am out of time mom- I´ll tell you about my personal studies next week! I love you all and will keep praying that your leg will heal quickly! Love you all!