Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tender Mercy

From Adam McBride:  We were so happy to see her first email after she had been out about 8 days. We were so looking forward to receiving her first letter. While in Provo directing a session of EFY, I had my session of 900 participants count down with me each day as I opened my email, only to come up empty. Finally, on the last day of our session, I was able to report to the kids that the email had come! Funny thing is just this week while sorting through our "junk" folder, I found an email from Audrey on the day of her arrival stating that all was well and that she had a great journey. We must have needed a few more lessons in patience.
     We received a tender mercy this week. Sister Benton, who along with her husband preside over the Argentina Missionary Training Center, posted a short video of a group of missionaries singing at their Sunday night fireside. We were so excited to see Audrey back in the corner playing piano. It truly is amazing how much it means to a missionary family to hear from them.  Today, Saturday June 18 is the day that Audrey and her companion venture out into the city of Buenos Aires with their Spanish for a few hours to contact and speak with the people. Nothing like a mission to build faith! We look forward to hearing about her adventure!

Hey...Look what came today! Sister Benton graciously posted this picture with Audrey along with her and President Benton before she headed out for "practice tracting" in the city:

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