Thursday, June 16, 2016

Week 2!

Wow the days go by so quickly here!!! We were getting into learning more Spanish grammar not just vocabulary so that is frustrating. My least favorite word is irregular. There are so many rules to remember but I just keep 1 Nephi 3:7 in mind and keep pushing forward. My companion Hermana Manners is such a big help because she took some Spanish classes before the mission. We are such great friends and I am so grateful to be with her. I feel so lucky with my district too. We get along so well and we have really great, spiritual district meetings. It}s hard to believe that I have only kown them for two weeks. Earlier this week, our district became 7 when one of our Elders was sent home, so now the elders are a trio. It was hard and it made me realize that it is such a priviledge to be here. There are actually more Sisters in our distict now which I think is really cool.

Its supposed to be officially winter here in a few days but I am guessing it is always in the 50s to 60s here. It has rained a few times, but other than that it has been great weather! The Latinos all bundle up to go outside and they think I am crazy when I am in my shorts and t shirt. 

Out of all the Latinos here, none of them play piano so I have been able to play here quite a bit which makes me happy. There are two other girls in my district that play so we all rotate who plays.

The first week I feel like the focus was on the language rather than spiritual stuff, or I was just too stressed out but this week was much better. We had more lessons on the gospel and effective ways to teach and the gift of tongues this week which was so 
 great. The Spirit is so strong here.The teachers here are so great and I love them so much. Hermano Helller and Hermano Pitarch are our main ones and they are so funny! Hmo Pitarch got off his mission from Brazil 8 months ago and speaks in pretty broken Spanish which is so funny! All the teachers said last week they were going to start teaching in Spanish this week but none of them have. There is much more to missionary work than I thought like how to teach to people}s needs and how to react to certain situations. My Spanish is coming along. We have been doing an activity in one of our classes where we have to teach with no notes and it was actually such a great confidence boost because I realiazed how much vocabulary I actually know and that I don}t need to be so dependant on notes. We have daily lessons we have to prepare for with fake investigators and they are getting better too, but it is so frustrating when they ask a question and I know a great answer in English but can}t say it in Spanish. 

Yesterday Hmo, Pitarch challenged us to do an English fast where we couldn}t speak English all day. We did great all morning but as it got later in the day, we were getting tired of it because we just couldn{t express ourselves with the vocab we know. It was still cool though. 

We are preparing to go prosccelyting this Saturday in an area that is actually in my mission boundaries. My companion and I will have 5 hours in the streets of the city and will try to talk to the people
. My companion is super scared, but I think it will be an adventure! 

Thank you for the prayers!

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