Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 17: Quick trip to the Capital!

This week was better in the aspect that we had a lot to keep us busy. The references, if we found them in their houses were all nice and we were able to make an appointment to come back. So we had a lot of lessons planned, but one after the other, when we came for the appointment they weren´t home.  Or they said that something came up and that we would have to come another time. So we were only able to teach two investigators and then 3 less active or recent convert lessons for a total of 5 lessons this week. Three of our investigators committed to come to church as well and none of them came despite us sending messages and coming to their houses in the morning to accompany them to church. I am developing trust issues... (Haha. But 'tis the life of a missionary.)

And we can´t forget about the Capital on Thursday!! I just had to go to the U.S Embassy and wait in line for 2 hours and sign something, and answer a few questions. Then we ate pizza in a restaurant and got to walk around for a bit. I met some other sisters and Elders and had a great time. The Capital is so beautiful with statues everywhere and pretty trees and beautiful buildings. 

We also had a district activity where we played soccer and had a "silly string war." It was great fun. The Elders went easy on us sisters in soccer and made a rule that only we could make the goals and I am proud to say that I made 2 goals! :)

 Exchanges with Hermana Manner and member from her ward

 Hermana Abate Daga and I at the Open Chapel

 Silly String War with Our District
Aftermath of our Silly String War

Sisters I was with while in the Capital getting our Visa Paperwork Done

                                          Pictures of Buenos Aires, the Capital 

Wildlife Preserve

Time is up but next time I write I will have a new companion and may be leaving San Vicente. We will see!​

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