Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 18- General Conference and Transfers!

So Conference was so great wasn't it? We had to travel an hour by bus to the stake center to watch it and it was in English for the American missionaries for every session except for the Women's session. This made Conference a whole day event for two days. I couldn't understand the woman translator very well, but I could understand pretty well the male translator for President Uchtdorf. It didn't help that we watched this session on Saturday morning right before we found out transfers so I couldn't concentrate very well. 

For this next transfer I am leaving San Vicente and going to Aldo Bonzi with an Hermana Molinero from Argentina. In an hour I will be driven there and meet her and start all over in a new area! This area was Hermana Abate Daga's first area so she was able to tell me all about it and show me lots of pictures. It is all city, all walking, with a huge pench (apartment) and another pair of hermanas living in a neighboring apartment. At first I was sad to be leaving but now it feels right. This weekend was crazy with members and missionaries writing goodbye notes in my journal, packing, and conference. On Sunday after Conference we and the Elders from San Vicente ate dinner with the Campagna Family and then said goodbye to the Fernandez Family who had been baptized in August. Elder Perkins is leaving too and so we had to say our last words and everyone was in tears in both families. 

     The Spirit was so strong as we and the members testified about the blessings of the gospel and remembered the good times we had together. I was surprised how easily the words came for my speech and I was touched as they told me in their tears how much they loved me and appreciated my work and were going to miss me. Despite the language barrier and although I had often wondered if I had made a difference, I really had and they are sweet friends. They were such tender moments and I love them so much and it is so bittersweet to leave.

I am out of time. Aldo Bonzi here I come! 

To JJ:

Thank you so much JJ! It is so beautiful! I love it when I receive messages and pictures from you! When my companion, Hna. Abate Daga saw it, she was really impressed and said Wow Su hermana es una genia! which means Your sister is a a genius in English! Keep up the good work! Is 2nd grade harder than 1st grade? I love you and miss you!

To Aaron:
Thank you Aaron! My Spanish is coming along well and I am happy with my progress! I can speak without having to think so hard and people can understand me better! I have not gone to the temple since I was in the CCM but now I will live a 20 minute walk away from the temple! Woah I didnt realize that you are in 2nd grade! You are getting so big! How do you like school? Is it better or worse than 1st grade?

On Sun, Oct 2, 2016 at 11:50 PM, Aaron McBride <> wrote:

Hay audery I herd your partner is a butey quine.  But how is your Spanish going.have you gon to the temple.In secant grade my teacher is misis visacaro.                                                         

 So I was talking to Elder Perkins from Arizona and he said that his parents tried to send him a package and it was send back to them, so I don´t know if packages can be sent. Hermana Manner received one of those big yellow envelopes stuffed with letters, so that should work! Hermana Shepherd said that she knows of a guy who lives in Argentina who has a business of receiving American packages for missionaries and then forwards it to the mission home! I still haven}t received the name and address from her yet but maybe that will work! I don't need anything yet, but I would love vitamins and a backpack- we can use them after all. Ill try to think of more things. I could buy these things here if I take out money from my credit card from home.

                                         Goodbyes from San Vicente (Elder Perkins also being transferred)
 Hermana McBride and Hermana Shepherd

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