Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week 30: Feliz Navidad!

On Friday we had the baptism of Marcelo, a 15 year old whose parents are less active. They came to church earlier in December because it was Christmas time and he loved it and asked us to come to his house to teach him more so he could get baptized! We were more than happy to do that! We are used to a little more rejection as missionaries but this area is giving us lots of opportunities to teach! This week a lady knocked on our door and asked us for a Libro de Mormon and we made an appointment to teach her later that day. We were amazed that the people are coming to us!

Saturday we traveled to Luis Guillon and as we were leaving the pench, we saw that our next door neighbor had put out a washing machine that had a sign that said it still worked but that they were giving it away for free! So we carried it to our pench. Now hopefully we don't have to wash our clothes by hand! We haven't used it yet, but we are excited to try!

Saturday afternoon was my chance to Skype with my family and it went so well! A little short for my liking, but so good to see how the kids are growing and to be able to talk to everyone! My mind struggled a little at times to remember English but it wasn't so bad, right? :) I thought I would miss home more afterwards, but I was just happy!

Saturday night a member brought us dinner to the pench. We all ate, talked, and then watched fireworks. We slept the night in their pench. 

On Christmas day it rained all day and was actually pretty chilly. All day it didn't really feel like Christmas- I think because my surroundings are so different here. And there weren't really any big celebrations or emphasis on Christmas so it was a little strange. There were no buses so we couldn't travel back to Cañuelas so I never could give my talk like I had been assigned. The Elders of Cañuelas told us later that only 11 people showed up to church in Cañuelas because all the streets were flooded. 

The picture is right before we all walked to the chapel in Luis Guillon. The church was just sacrament meeting and it was fun to go to another ward. Afterwards the other three hermanas did Skype with their families and we played Bingo and Uno with the family who lent us their computer. It was really fun! 

I don`t remember what happened in the beginning of this week sorry! 

But tomorrow I will be receiving Hermana Diaz from Brazil as a new companion! Its been a good 3 months with Hermana Molinero and a new stage of our missions are about to start. And a new year 2017! A new start, goal making, and more enthusiasm than ever! I am so excited to keep working in the mission! 

I love you guys! Happy New Year 2017! Have fun Dean and Coleman in Disney World! You guys are going to love it- an experience of a lifetime! 

Mom- it sounds like it was better that we did Skype on Saturday because Christmas was busy for you guys! The other girls in the house where they did Skype had a computer but they didn't have privacy and the camera and connection wasn't very good. So I am grateful for the situation of Skype that we had!

I don't need other sunglasses, but you can send them just in case if you want in case mine get scratched or lost. Umm I dont know what else I want that doesnt weigh a lot or is very big.-Updated printed pictures of the family and pictures of my friends would be nice!

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