Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 31: New Companion and Chasing Criminals!

Hermana Dias from Brazil!

     This week with Hermana Dias went so well! She is from Dourados- Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil! She is so great and we had a fun week together! On Tuesday and Friday she had dentist appointments in Banfield to get a tooth pulled or something like that. It was 2 1/2 hours of travel by train and bus but we didn't have another option! On Friday we were on our way to catch the train for the dentist and we realized that my bike was missing from our front porch! Our tall gate was locked but the bikes weren't so somebody had robbed us during the night or in the morning. We were going to have to pay for it! We were angry but as we were walking about 5 minutes later, we saw a man riding a bike that looked like mine! He was ahead of us and we didn't know what we could do so we thought ah well we can't do anything. A few blocks ahead we saw him again and this time he was walking alongside the bike. We ran and there was a police lady on the side of the street (every couple blocks in the main parts of the cities there are police standing watch)

      Hermana Dias pointed out the man with my bike to the police and said that he robbed us. The police ran him down and brought us and him to the police station and we after 2 1/2 hours and a ride in the police car to our house to get our identities, we were able to get my bike back! While we were waiting, we contacted 5 police officers and gave one a Book of Mormon and a mini lesson. They were all really nice!  We had to give information to the police and the man that robbed us. Now we always keep our bikes inside! The scary part is that we learned that he lives one block from us on Olavarria! He had just gotten out of jail last week for robbery and now thanks to us he is back in jail for a time. But we are scared that we might have to switch pensions or areas because he is a danger now. 

     This week we taught 5 lessons and found 3 new investigators- I am helping Hermana Dias learn the area and meet the members and investigators here. We only got a little lost once but I was surprised that I knew my way around better than I thought! We are working with Maria del Carmen to quit smoking so she can get baptized. We have a few ideas already but if you know any good methods I´d love to hear them!

    We have 8 investigators and a lot of them are progressing so we are happy! I am loving my time here in Cañuelas and I am learning about what it means to "love the people" more. 

     As was the case on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, on the 31st and 1st, we had to be inside the pench at 6pm for safety. So on New Years Eve Hermana Dias and I made pancakes and ate ice cream. We also watched 17 Miracles for our celebration and were in bed asleep by 10:30 as is the rule for everyday of the mission. This could be the only New Year's Eve that I wasn't up late- and I truly felt apart from the world as I knew that everywhere else in the world parties were happening. Fireworks at midnight woke us up but we only heard them. From what I know, they celebrate the New Year here similar to the US- staying up late and having a celebration with family or friends. 

On New Year's Day after church (only about 20 people came and none of them were our investigators- I cant blame them too much- it was the New Year) we made ourselves lunch- (Hermana Dias can cook woo hoo I am learning!) and then organized our map and area binder and I had a good few hours to study and write in my journal.

Facts of the week:
I got 44 mosquito bites on Saturday because I forgot to use bug spray. :(
We had 5 huge spiders in our pench- like bigger than a half dollar coin- gross- my compi is braver than me and was able to kill them all!
It is sooo hot and humid here- almost every day when we return to the pench we are soaked and dripping with sweat! It is not fun!
Hermana Dias has 1 year in the mission as of Friday and today I have 7 months!
I am so happy beacuse Hermana Dias has workout videos! New Year, New Body is our motto! ;)

Wow Dad, I`m glad your birthday went well! Those ward boundary changes are a surprise! I am so proud of Aaron and JJ and that they are going to be baptized! Here are a couple of notes for them:

For my beautiful sister JJ😘💖🐥🎂
 Happy birthday JJ! I love you so much and I hope your birthday is fun and that you can feel God`s love for you in your baptism! I will be thinking of you a lot here in Argentina! Tell me how it went and what you got for your birthday!

For my crazy brother Aaron 😁🍭🐯🎈
I hope your birthday is a great day for you and that your baptism is special! Keep growing and be good! Love you! Write me about your birthday and baptism- I want to know what happened!

Wow good job Aaron & J.J.!- I started a few weeks ago to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I am in 2 Nephi 6! You are beating me JJ! You are on! The next week I will be ahead in my scripture reading! 😎😉

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