Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 33: Interesting Meals, Loving Cañuelas!

This week when we were riding bikes through a neighborhood on the way to contact an old investigator, there was a family of 8 or 10 people sitting outside their house talking and usually its a little intimidating to walk up to a lot of people and make a contact but I felt prompted to talk to them so I stopped the bike and began talking with them and they ended up letting us teach a lesson right then and there and we have an appointment to teach on Wednesday again. It was so cool!

A lot of people tell us that Hermana Dias & I look alike. A few people have asked if we are sisters and two times if we are twins! We tell them that, no, we aren't even from the same country... But it is great!  I am still loving being with her! Hna. Dias is really good at crafts too and she made a wall hanging about the Atonement for German, Elba, and Lucas with scriptures hanging. Yesterday was Elba`s birthday so my compi made a cake and we celebrated with all of the family! German and Elba have a baptismal date for the 25 of February after their wedding. I hope to be another transfer here in Cañuelas with Hermana Dias so I can be there!

We taught 11 lessons this week and 7 investigators came to church! There are so many opportunities to teach in this area! I had a talk this week in church and it went pretty well for the one hour I had to prepare since I was assigned late Saturday night.

On Wednesday we were fasting with an investigator Maria del Camen to stop smoking. The challenge was not to eat or smoke for 24 hours. (It is too hot here to not drink water). We were also fasting for a few other investigators too. In the period of 24 hours, we were able to have a lesson or some kind of contact for all of the people we were fasting for! And Maria said that in her fast, she was surrounded at work by people smoking and eating, but that she couldn't smell it.  And she didn't have desires to smoke! She now knows that she can go a day without smoking and feels that God really knows her. She said the experience was marvelous and now she has a testimony of fasting! 

Below are pictures of the food that my compi made during the two days we had lunch in the pench. She is an amazing cook!

          The meat is cow liver (higado) but it was good and I didn't know what I was eating!
  The other day I ate cow tongue (lengue de vaca) and cow blood (morcilla). The tongue and liver taste like whatever sauce it was cooked in and have a different texture than normal meat. 

                                                        Hermana Dias with Elba
                                                    Hermana Diaz, Elba, & I
                     Wall Hanging that Hermana Diaz made for German, Elba, & Lucas

     Most of the people in the picture are investigating the church- and two are already baptized.

Sorry I am out of time but I love you guys!

Letters to Family:

Audrey letter to Dean: Wow- so much good news! Congrats on Region Chorus! Senior year is the best of the high school years. (college is better) I hope you can make it to All-State! I`ll have to watch a recording of your show when I get home. How many lines and songs do you have? And congrats on making it into BYU-I! Do you know anything about which track you will be in or no-it is after the mission right? 

I cannot believe that you are going to turn 18! Then again, I am 20, so it has to be true! I am so excited to find out where is your mission.I believe you'll be starting your mission application soon too, right?

Dad, Thanks for the photos! I am excited to go to the temple. I miss the temple and want to go so bad but it's currently not available for our mission. I'll appreciate it so much when I get a chance to go.

Letter from Trent to Audrey:
Hi Audrey I am sorry that I have not been emailing you very much and I am enjoying seventh grade a lot and it is starting to get much colder, in fact the pond at the college is frozen. If you have not heard Aaron,JJ and I have started taking piano lessons again so their will be 5 piano players when you get home.    

Reply from Audrey to Trent:
How do you like life in the middle school? Is it really different from Bear Creek? Has it snowed yet? Who is your piano teacher?

Letter From J.J. to Audrey:
And I got baprtized ! Sorry I have not been emailing you . Second grade has been a blast and my teacher is pregnant and her baby
is do in February! But she is having a sub for the rest of the year . I can tell champ is missing you because in the fall he just wanted us to 
play with him. Do you still have the frisbee do you play with it? I hope that you like it their. xoxo🌹🌼🌸💮🏵🌺🌻😍👗👜💎

Audrey's Reply to J.J.: Hi JJ! I saw pictures of your baptism and you looked so pretty in the white dress! Did you know that 12 years ago on January 8, 2005 I was baptized too? The same day as you and your birthday! How cool is that? I do still have the Frisbee but there isn't space or time to play with it here. I will take good care of it and bring it home so we can play together! It will be a little cold when I come home, but we can wear coats! What were your favorite parts of the Christmas break? Did the time pass quickly or slowly?

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