Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 5- One week 'til we enter the Field!

On the 4th of July here at the MTC we just all dressed up in red white and blue and sang patriotic songs all day and decorated our board. We definitely missed our families a little more than usual. Thank you Mom for letting me know about how the Hill Cumorah Pageant is going! That is so cool that you guys are all missionaries with me! Wow Mom, a speaking part! Does it have dancing too? Keep telling me more!

This week during proselyting it rained nonstop for 3 of the 5 hours. Luckily I had an umbrella with me. We didn't talk to a large amount of people because they were all either rushing inside out of the rain or in their houses and wouldn't answer the door! You would think they would feel bad for us standing in the rain but no. It was disappointing but we were in a much nicer area this week than last week. We had a lot of shopping and nice houses in our area this time. No stray dogs, graffiti, or as much trash either. The houses still all had tall gates in front of them and were not as big as houses in America but were still very pretty to look at. 
I don't know what else to say because we have just been doing the same classes and activities every day. We will all leave the CCM on Tuesday the 12th and I am excited! I loved it here, but I am ready for a change and to see more of Argentina. I think I will learn faster out there anyway.I will miss our teachers and my district. My companion and I are the only ones going to Buenos Aires South and the rest are all going to North. 

Love you all!

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