Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 7- Into the Mission Field I Go!

I have almost finished my first week officially in the mission field! I am in San Vicente with my companion who will train me for the next 3 months. Her name is Hermana Daga. (Her full name is Abate Daga).  She is from Cordoba, Argentina and doesn´t know English. She has been on her mission for 7 months. We get along great and laugh a lot because I make a lot of mistakes with the language. Everything is so new and different. She is very kind and patient with me and we always need a dictionary handy to look up words I don´t know in Español.

Me with my Trainer- Hermana Daga

Formerly there was one pair of elders here but they just split the area in half and put us here too. So we are both new. We have spent a lot of time lost and trying to figure out the area this first week. The streets are not well-marked so it is hard. About half of our area is "campo." (Rural and primitive) and is really poor with dirt roads. This means lots of mud when it rains! Most dwellings are tiny little huts. The other half is city and has nicer houses and paved roads.

We have bicycles that we ride. Riding in a skirt actually isn´t so bad!

Bundled Up and Ready to Go

It is definitely winter here and we bundle up all the time. Our "pench" (apartment)  is nice and roomy with the conveniences of a normal kitchen. But we only have one little space heater so it is always super cold! My companion has begun turning on the oven and stove and leaving it open for more heat. We have a water filter for the water so I am fine. I have only become sick once for a little bit when we ate some soup at a member's house that didn´t agree with me.

There is a really nice chapel here that is much larger than I expected! I was so surprised to see that there was only one branch of the church here. Only 30 people showed up to church. Every new missionary is asked to speak and share their testimony in their first week in a new area.  But I have to say I rocked it. My companion had helped me beforehand to make sure I had the right grammar. I remembered everything I had wanted to say and the members were really welcoming. I played the piano for sacrament meeting too. There used to be over 80 active members but many have had struggles and attendance has dwindled. There is a hope here to strengthen this area a lot and eventually make a stake out of it and some surrounding cities. There is a lot of work to do. The branch president told us to to knock on every single door on our area and to make sure every body knew about the church and was invited to come.

Chapel in San Vicente

As far as the language goes, I don´t really understand anybody yet. I only catch a few words every once in a while, but I am good at initiating our street contacting! Lunches with members are still a little awkward because I don´t know what is going on, but all is well! Little by little I am learning. Times up now . Love you all!

-Hermana McBride

WEEK 6 Update:


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Dear McBride Family,
We are excited to have received Sister McBride here in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission. We can feel the great enthusiasm and joy that your daughter radiates. We are sincerely grateful for the support that you will be able to provide her throughout her missionary service through uplifting and inspiring words given weekly by way of email each Monday. It will be a wonderful experience to observe the progress of your daughter, in the Gospel and as a servant of the Lord.
We are committed to help and work with your daughter in this marvelous missionary effort. We convey our deepest gratitude and appreciation for sharing your daughter with our mission.
We pray that Gods choicest blessings may be with you and your family.
Elder Pribyl y Elder Maldonado
Asistentes del Presidente
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Hermana McBride with President and Sister Calquin


  1. Dear Sister McBride how wonderful! I was sister Martins on your dad's Mission, didn't know your dad though but I guess I remember seeing him at least once in one of the travels to Curitiba, PR in Brazil. Sister what a joy to see such young woman like you, full of the Spirit of Elijah, and the Holy Ghost representing the Lord Jesus Christ! I'm touched by looking into your blog, the pictures and your first week experiencing the field. It is all too precious when you're there as His authorized representant, we love the missionaries and we pray for you in His Temple, have a great day :)

  2. I am going to email you...