Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 8- "I Just Want to Learn Spanish Already"

The flag of Argentina.
 Dad:   If you are praying for us it might be good to know that my companion´s name is Hermana Âbate Daga (both parts are her last name. Haha, but no biggie.) The exclamation point on this computer doesn´t work but there should be some. and this keyboard is really weird so sorry for all the weird marks.
Dad, that's a cool story about your mission. P-days (preparation days) are super busy around here too. I wanted either my Sunday or P-days for some down time but no there is not. I am so glad that you guys are able to help with the temple open house. It sounds amazing and many hearts will be softened and brought closer to Jesus Christ.  
     This week was really hard and I just really want to learn Spanish already. My companion is good at encouraging me and helping me believe in myself and have patience. This week was hard as well because we got rejected a lot. But at some point of each day there was a tender mercy. One day after knocking doors and lots of "no´s" we finally found a lady who let us in and we taught her a lesson. Then another day, we found a lady who´s dog had escaped and we helped her catch it and she let us in and now she is taking the discussions.  Another day we had a lot of street contacts and Î got a lot of practice. And one of the inactive members we met with came to church with us.

My first ice cream in Argentina
Here are some cool things about this mission:
I love Dulce de Leche! Also, we get to listen to Disney music and watch Disney movies during district and zone activities. We have a district activity today so we are watching a movie, playing ping pong, and eating. So that should be fun. My district here is awesome and my companion from the MTC, Hermana Manner, is in my distrct. Yay! There are two other gringo elders that help me out and encourage me about the language and the culture.

About the currency: 15 pesos is 1 dollar here. Each companionship gets 600 pesos refunded every 6 weeks for fruits and vegetables. It is pretty cheap here so that is awesome. I get 1400 pesos a month for food, transportation, and personal items. The few active members are really kind to us missionaries and we have lunch with someone everyday. Dinner is held, if at all, at 8 or 9 at night so it is too late for us to eat with members for dinner.

 Some yummy dessert from a member.

Here are some Challenging things:   There are dogs everywhere and I don't enjoy handwashing laundry.

[Answers to Brenda's Questions:]

This computer is so old and the exclamation point button doesn´t work but there should be some in here. To answer Mom's question, my first name does sound so weird now and it seems like a whole other life that I was called that. It is completely flat everywhere here and yes at times I feel like I am back in time. This computer is ancient and the poor little houses are super sad. And we have to wash our laundry by hand and hang dry it. It takes forever and we don´t put clothes in the dirty clothes bin unless it is really dirty. But there are still cars and tvs and phones so it is still somewhat modern. We ride bikes part of the time and walk as well so we can do street contacting. I love you JJ and I miss you too.

The landscape is really flat. Sometimes all the farming and country reminds me of home.

All right time is up. Love you family! Keep praying for me. This is really hard.

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