Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 20- Adapting to New Area & Exchanges with Hma. Walker

 I am still trying to get used to the change of area. This week wasn't as successful (5 lessons). I had been anxious about leading out in our area being so new here. Exchanges with Hermana Walker actually weren't so bad- we didn't get too lost! But it turns out we had been working a lot of the time in the area of the Elders. We had to give a lot of the people we found to them! Haha, oh well.  I didn't know that there were parts of their area on our map! I had only been here a week and a half and did not want to have to stay and guide the area already, but my companion really wanted to leave Aldo Bonzi for a day because she is frustrated with the area. Hermana Walker has a great excitement for sharing the gospel and gave me tips on how to work on my pronunciation. I am trying so hard to learn to talk like a native, but it is so hard! The r's, t's, d's, b's, e's, v's , and i's are all different than in English so I am going to try to work on one letter a week.

Exchanges with Sister Abby Walker (AZ) 

She's a "celebrity" of sorts in our family. We followed Sister Walker's blog for the months leading up to my mission

I was feeling stressed about my ability to teach this week and was struggling to enjoy Spanish. My companion has plans to live in the U.S after the mission and is working hard on her English. She wanted me to teach a lesson in English. Last night, in language study I taught her the Restoration in English and it felt so good! The words came easily and my companion was impressed and said I was a good teacher. It was so good for me to realize that yes, I do know the doctrine and have a good ability to teach, it is just harder in Spanish and I just need more patience.  I will be better with more time, practice, and experience. Afterward, Hermana Molinero tried to teach me in English. She got super frustrated and was amazed at how hard it was! Now she understands my situation a little better and now I know that my language struggles are not too out of the ordinary. After all, Spanish isn't my native language. I've decided that I am probably not going to be as good or smooth as the natives and that is just fine.

Sister Molinera and I with Sisters Ochoa and Davis 

The sisters in this picture live in the same apartment complex as us.
I was with Sister Ochoa (red shirt) in the CCM and so it has been fun talking to her. They are so fun! For district activity we played frisbee and chatted. My frisbee is really coming in handy! :)

Wow how exciting Mom. I'm so happy that you have this new job opportunity at the tennis club. And the tennis season is over already! Dad sent pictures and your hair is longer!  And just so you know, people here marvel at our family and always say how young and good-looking you and Dad are. I show pictures of the family to the members and investigators here if we are teaching about family history work or something.

Sorry its short this week- a lot of people wrote me! Love you guys!

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