Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 22: Trini's Baptism and Rededication to the Spanish Language

This week went by so fast, I am struggling to remember all that happened. I don´t know what to write...Sorry its not going to be very long.

We had to organize the baptism which ended up being really a nice experience for Trini! There were 30 people in attendance and a member made her a really nice cake. A lot of her family who are not members of the Church came to support her. 

   Me and My companion at Trini's Baptism

Other than that, we were just proselyting, clapping doors of old investigators or contacts (always 3 tries- once for their salvation, once for our salvation, and the last for a a good looking spouse), talking with people in the street, or meeting with less active members. I made progress in my confidence with talking to people in the street this week- we spoke to 25 people in 2 hours one day this week!

We had interviews with President Calquin and they went well! It was maybe 15 minutes and I really like him. I could feel his love and concern for me and he just showed pictures from his mission and told me to enjoy the mission, be obedient, and be humble. I felt like he trusted me as a good missionary so he didn't have much to say. 

    He just gave us a list of 17 new rules that pertain to our mission. I may not like a lot of them, but I need the Spirit!  Now we can only listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Classical, or hymns that are in the Hymn book, so I am sad- I loved my EFY music. He also introduced a rule that we have to speak Spanish all the time. We can't speak English with the other Americans anymore, so I really have to let go of my English now. We didn't speak a lot before, but it was always nice for a bit. I am trying to change my studies into all Spanish, but I love reading in English so much more. I just have to embrace Spanish as my language for the next 13 months.

The Church really is the same all around the world. It was the primary program in my ward here too and it was cute! For the last song, they had invited us missionaries to sing the "Army of Helaman" with the primary and asked us to sing a chorus in English. Afterwards, a member who has a son serving in Utah right now (he was actually in the CCM the same time as me) was in tears and told us that we touched her heart. She reminded me of Mom and while we were talking about how much she missed her son, I started crying too. We were both crying and hugging and it was a bittersweet moment. I think seeing all the kids in the Program made me miss you guys and then her talking about missing her son just pùt me over the top. 

Gotta go, but I really do miss you guys!

Hugs and kisses!

Happy Halloween!

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