Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 36: Kind of a Hard Week

Thanks for your email mom! I loved reading it. Good luck being a single mom this week! Love you! Sorry no so many inspirational stories this week...

So last P-day to celebrate my compi´s 13 months in the mission and my 8 months, we went out to a restaurant to eat salads and then ate a waffle with ice cream at an ice cream shop! We were trying to be healthy but our sweet tooths got the best of us! Everything was so good and it was fun to eat out for a day. 

On Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer and on the way back we missed the bus and had to wait 2 hours until the next one. We knew there was a lake in San Miguel de Monte so we asked directions and it ended up being a 20 minute walk from the station so we had a surprise opportunity to go! It was so fun and we took pictures and walked around. Afterwards back in CaƱuelas my bike broke- so the rest of the week we had to walk. We hope to take it to the shop this week because it is so much faster to work with bikes then walking and it is easier on our feet. 

Nothing much happened this week- we are sad because German and Elba are acting strange and haven't come to church in two weeks. We have been having lessons with them and they aren't fulfilling their commitments. We are so worried and praying so we can know how to help them. Also apparently the identity of German is outdated so they lost their day to get married and now they cant married or baptized until probably March. We are working with Maria to stop smoking still and we hope that she will be baptized this month. We gave Luis to the Elders to teach so they could work with him better and go alone. It was hard to find someone to come with us since he lives alone. My favorite lesson was with a new investigator  Marissa and some kids that we taught (see picture). I loved teaching the kids so much. On the mission I have had doubts about whether I wanted to be an elementary school teacher still but after that lesson I felt like it was right. 
Enjoying Teaching Children

We did have one lesson with Mercedes too and she liked what she read in the pamphlet and in the Book of Mormon but isn't convinced that its true. We told her she had to pray and so we will see how it goes with her this week. Her husband is always working and in a month she will start working again too but we still have hope that she will progress! Other than her, none of our investigators will be able to get baptized because they all either have to get divorced to get married or get married or quit smoking and they either don't want to or the process takes time. Smoking is so common here and it isn't popular in the culture to get married-people just live together. These two things are the two biggest barriers and it makes it really hard to find people that can be baptized. So we are still focusing on finding more people to teach. It takes effort to change and live the gospel and so many people just don't want to or they already are Catholic. To top it off, it rained Saturday and Sunday so none of our investigators came to church again. :( We are trying to stay positive and not get discouraged, but it was hard this week.

Saturday was transfers and Hermana Dias and I are together for another 6 weeks here in CaƱuelas! Hopefully this transfer we can see the Lord bless us with at least one baptism!

 6 More Weeks Together- Yeah!

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