Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 37: New Schedule/Singin' in the Rain

 This week we worked a lot trying to comfort and build the faith of German´s family. We are teaching Maria del Carmen, (German´s mom) Maria Elena (Maria del Carmen´s sister, and German, Elba (wife), and Lucas (12 year old son). Cancer was discovered two months ago in Nadya (one of Maria Elena´s daughters) and now it has spread throughout the body and it is only a matter of time before she passes. She is only 32 years old and has two sons ages 11 and 7. They are all so sad and we are all wondering what good will come from this situation. If you could pray for this family (Montenegro family), that would be great!

And yes mom, don't worry-I am healthy. My companion on the other hand has been having problems with her back and with headaches. She says that when I have 13 months in the mission I will be falling apart physically too. I hope not! But talking to other hermanas from the mission, it is true that the physical demands of the mission start to catch up with them as time goes on. I feel really blessed with my health so far on the mission. This week Hna. Dias was a bit stressed to find new investigators and we only found one. It was Saturday evening- our last lesson of the week! It was a tender mercy for sure! Her name is Regina and she is 72 years old, Catholic, and is an old investigator. We have hope that she could be our baptism this transfer! We also taught Mercedes and she is lacking a little faith and said she doesn't think God answers her prayers but is reading and I think we gained a little more of her confidence this week. We are trying to teach her spouse still because she is now going to come to church alone without his support.

This week was the first week with the new schedules and I love it so much! We now get up at 7am, plan in the mornings, and can choose when we have Companionship study and Language study thoughout the day and we return to the pench at 9 and have until 11 as free time. More time to sleep if we want, write in our journals, etc. We have been doing exercise videos in this time or talking about our futures with Hna. Dias, and I did write in my journal too! I feel less stressed with the new schedule and it was a real answered prayer. Before I had felt trapped at times with the schedule and that I never had time to wind down or that the 8 hours of sleep wasn't enough. We also have an hour and a half longer on P-day so it is so great!

In transfers last week,. the sister missionaries that were serving in San Miguel del Monte were both moved to a different area and they closed the area! Now in our district there is just the Elders from Cañuelas and a pair of Elders from Las Flores. Just 6 people and it is a little lonely because there are the only missionaries that we see and now we are the only hermanas! We are isolated from the rest of the mission and will only see other missionaries one time in the transfer on zone conference. Now Hna. Dias and I are in the most southern area of the mission available for hermanas! Our new district leader, Elder Vergara from Texas is really good though and prints out conference talks for us to read and made a paper with questions to help us make goals. He is super organized and prepared and I am learning a lot from him.

This transfer the mission also put two sisters back in Aldo Bonzi in a white wash. I still don't know why we had to leave but now there are missionaries there again! Another interesting fact is that there are only 2 areas for hermans in the mission that are branches and I have served in both of them. San Vicente and Cañuelas. Now I can be sure that I will be working in Wards for the second half of my mission. 

On Sunday it rained again for at least the third Sunday in a row! It is crazy and none of our investigators came to church again. We cant be too upset- the people here don't like to leave the house when it rains and there is a lot of mud everywhere too. Yesterday we ate lunch with the Branch President, Pres. Villareal and riding our bikes on the way home, it was pouring rain and we were on dirt roads for a time so it was a fun adventure and we were soaked and covered in mud when we got to the pench.

Thats about all I can remember from this week-

 Love you all!

P.S. To Mom: Wow! That's so nice that I will have a room in the house again. I haven't had one since March or April of my senior year! I am fine sharing with JJ if you guys find someone who wants to rent the whole basement. Or you could make it a nice quiet study room when the renter isn't there or a game room or something and put a ping pong table down there. But if not, I´ll take it as my own! Last P-day we played ping pong in the capilla with the other Elders and it was so fun! Its the closest thing I can get to tennis on the mission. I think I definitely want a ping pong table in my future home. 

I am so glad you are able to keep teaching tennis and earning money in something you love. That's quite a story about the housefire! I am so glad that nobody got hurt! And how nice that the Gubbin´s grandchildren got baptized and that Missy is finding strength in the church. It shows that good things can happen from tragedies and that everything is for a reason.

No pictures this week, so here's a trip down memory lane. One year ago last week, our family travelled to SVU to see Audrey and open her mission call letter. The letter had made it to SVU, but it was trapped at the post office. She didn't end up getting it until a couple days after we left. But we had a wonderful time with our dear friends the Rasmussen's!

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