Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 44: Zone Conference, General Conference, & Seeing Old Friends and Companions

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference in San Vicente! It was so great to go back to my first area! After the conference, we all ate pizza and empanadas and played sports for a good 4 hours and President Calquin and Hermana Calquin joined in for the fun too! Hermana Manner was there too- we hadn´t seen each other since October and it was great to catch up! We played volleyball, frisbee, and a few other games and the following days we were really sore since we aren´t used to that much excersise in one day. At the end of the conference, president announced that for the next conference we would be going to the temple! We all cheered and I am so happy! I had been wanting to go for so long! 

Fernandez Family from my first Area Came Back to See Me!

Another great surprise was that the Fernandez family who got baptized in August came to the chapel and I got to talk with them for a few minutes! Laura is a really sweet lady in San Vicente who fed us every Tuesday and in the few minutes we talked she asked me about how my family was along with how was Matthew Rodriguez, Grandpa, if my mom was still teaching tennis,and if we had gotten a new car!  She remembered what I had told her in almuerzo over 6 months ago about when Matthew was diagnosed with leukemia, when grandpa had his heart attack, and when the car accident happened. I could hardly remember myself what she was talking about at first but I felt such love from this act of remembering things about my life- how sweet is she? Seriously I am so impressed with her and I hope to see her again! That´s the bad thing about a mission- when you change areas its hard to go back to see the people again and I was so lucky to have a few minutes with them.

 Former Companion Hermana Molinero

 Hermana Roman (comp, me, Hermana Molinero (former companion), & 
Hermana Manner (MTC Comp)

In the week we found 2 new investigators and one of them came to a session of general conference and brought a friend too! On Sunday, the ward all met at the chapel and we all went to the conference in Adrogue together. It was so fun to be with a bus full of members and writing about it doesn´t sound that cool, but being there was so awesome.

Also, I ate cow intestine this week and it wasn´t too bad but I don´t want to eat it again...haha  

I loved conference- we went to the chapel in Adrogue to watch it and they had an English room where about 15 of us missionaries from the US watched it. My favorite talks were by Elder Rasband about following the first promptings of the Spirit and Elder Uchtdorf about fear. As a missionary we have the responsibility to talk to everyone possible about the gospel and it can be hard at times to have the courage to talk to strangers especially after a lot of rejection. And we have to follow the Spirit to know what houses to contact or which less actives or investigators to focus on and I feel like I can definitely improve on acting on first promptings.
Mom: I don´t think I will will need to buy new shoes for the rest of my mission. I did buy rainboots here but my Clark´s flats summer proscelyting shoes are worn but are still holding up great! I have another pair of Clark summer shoes that I have hardly touched as backup. My winter boots from last year are destroyed but I have another pair that I brought. No there isn´t air conditioning in the new pench but we have a fan that we use at night. It is starting to cool down too. I am guessing Chile for Dean´s mission call! I had a dream about it.

I love you guys!!  

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