Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 46: Bikes- Manna from Heaven!

Thanks mom! Last week we received bikes which helped a lot. Our feet were so tired from walking all day...everyday if nobody received us. This week I overcame a lot of my fears because Hermana Roman had me guide the area this week instead of me following behind. Our area is so big and it is so hard for me to remember where all the people we visit live. But this week I learned to use a map better and I was reminded that I can do hard things! I might get a new companion in two weeks so I would have to take the lead and I was pretty scared by the thought of this before. But I feel a lot more familiar with the area this week. And I can make contacts a lot easier now. It helps that I have improved in my language skills and with my time in the mission the rejection doesn't hurt very much anymore. I am so happy to be in this area with my sweet companion Hermana Roman. We get along so incredibly well and we have a lot of fun together!

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