Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 47: Upcoming Baptism

On Monday we had a fun district activity! We just ate and told jokes
and played Uno. I learned that I am not very good at understanding
jokes in Spanish...haha. I love the freindships that I have made in my

                               Fun District Activity!

This week we had three run ins with Jehovah's Witnesses. Three times
too many if you ask me. They always want to Bible bash with us and are
super closed off to anything new.  We don´t want contention and we
always just defend our religion and beliefs and try to calm the
situation and leave. Two times we were in an appointment and Jehovah's
witnesses already there or knocked on the door and were really rude to
us. They started pushing their beliefs on us and telling us we were
wrong. Another time we were making a contact in the street and a pair
of Jehovah's Witnesses just came right up and interrupted us and told
the person we were wrong and that he shouldn't talk to us. I could not
believe they did that and we were both amazed at how many times we had
problems with them this week.

But it was all good when on Saturday the doctors told Fanny, our
investigator in the wheelchair, that the infection she had in her leg
had healed and she was now able to get in wet and be baptized! What a
miracle! Members gave her a ride to church this week and she will be
baptized this Saturday! We will be busy all this week organizing the
baptism and teaching her so she will be ready for her baptismal
interview. We are so happy for her!

Other than that we found 3 new investigators this week and taught a
good amount of lessons! Next week is transfers!

Love you all!

If we get to go to the temple, it will be in zone conference at the
end of May. We will see! And no Harrison didn´t write me.

I am excited for Mother´s Day too! It is coming up soon!

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