Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 55: Gaining Appreciation for Our Area

                           "The Best Trio in the World" (taken a few weeks ago)

This week we had a lot of success and we found 8 new investigators again! For some reason very few other missionaries before us worked in the lower half of our area. We are focusing a lot of time there and it is full of people who are willing to listen to us! On Friday we had Zone conference and I enjoyed it a lot! I love these meetings that we have and I always learn a lot.

Then on Saturday morning we had a "Tormenta Blanca" (where a lot of missionaries work in one area for a morning)  in Banfield 2 (Lomas de Zomora) in the area of the assistants to the president and we gained a new gratitude for our area. The people there weren't very willing to listen and were rude at times. It was amazing how this area was so much more difficult to work in even though it isn't very far away from our area. We managed to give out the 9 Libros de Mormon we had in the 3 hours we worked. It was so hard to get the people to accept the book! I learned how to shorten our message down as they were all pretty busy and how to be a little more persistent.  

This week two of our investigators who we thought had the most potential told us that they didn't want to be baptized but that they would keep listening to us. We were a bit sad but we are learning that we need to have patience and understand that the people we find probably aren't going to get baptized quickly as it takes time to accept a new religion. We are planting seeds!

The photos are of  and of . Also the other photo is 

This week we will have the ETMs (the traveling sisters) with us- Hna Chaffin and Hna Ochoa! It should be great and we will find even more people- woo hoo!

 Here are all the hermanas that were at the Zone Conference

Hermana Johnson- she is from Utah and reminds me so much of Aunt Ellen! Her appearance, laugh, and fun personality are so similar!

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