Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 56: The Strength of a Companionship during Hard Times

 My District

In this area the members are not very supportive of us. :( Maybe 3 times a week we have lunch from the members, but they just give us something to go and we eat it in the pension. This past week we ate ravioles, milanaisas (like a chicken patty), eggs with squash, rice, and chicken. If we have to cook, we eat lots of eggs with guacamole, rice, salads, or tortillas. For breakfast I am eating granola, oatmeal, eggs, or yogurt, and we just eat an mandarin orange with a cup of herbal tea for dinner. We have a cook book in every pension in the mission so this week we planned to make empanadas, sub sandwiches, homemade mac and cheese, and hamburgers to change up the menu a little bit because only one member is going to give us lunch this week. More ideas would be helpful! It doesn´t bother me too much that we don´t have lunch- it is the hardest on Sunday. At times I wish we had better relationships with the ward- missionary work always works better when the members work with us. But I like that I can choose the food I eat so I can maintain my weight more easily. I am trying to limit how much sugar and wheat I eat.

And yeah we give out Libros de Mormon in the street in our contacts- Hna. Rivarola and I with the ETMs gave out 40 this week. We offer them a pass along card first and if they show a little interest we give them a book too. President Calquin wants us to flood our areas with El Libro de Mormon. 

This week with Hna. Chaffin and Hna. Ochoa was a bit hard- we worked a ton talking with the people in the streets but we only found one new investigator. Our other investigators aren´t progressing either- it is hard find them in their houses to have lessons with them. It was a bit frustrating but I have the peace of mind that we did everything in our power and that no effort is lost. God sees all of our work and sometimes the blessings come in different ways than we expect.

I am super grateful for my sweet companion, Hna. Rivarola. Without support from the members and rejection from the people everyday, she is the friend that makes me laugh and together we can make it through the hard times.

 Romina (one of our wonderful investigators) and her family!

The next week will be better! We have the other ETMs with us- Hna. Lopez and Hna Davis!

 My Zone

Sister Training Leaders with me and my companion Hermana Rivarola

The Elders that serve in our ward with us

To answer your question Mom: Okay the fulfilment Center pays well at least! I was thinking about whether or not I should work or not- I don´t know if the amount of money I would earn would be worth more than the time I could spend with the family. Maybe I should just be at home to help around the house, organize everything for college, and spend time the family. It depends on how much you and dad are able to help pay for college too. Maybe it´s better that I work part time to make connections for the summer and gain a little cash. I am willing but I just don´t want to lose time with the family or make things more complicated with transportation. Just my thoughts...indecisive as ever. :)

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