Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week 58: Great Reunion with my MTC Companion

This week was so awesome! On Wednesday July 12 we had exchanges and Hna. Manner, my companion from the MTC, is a sister training leader now and she came to my area to work with me for a day! We realized that it was exactly one year since we left the MTC and entered the mission field! How cool that we were able to be companions for a day after one year! We talked about the good old times and marveled at how much we have learned and all that has happened. It is amazing how fast time flies. Remember the Elder that scared us and told the joke about the shoes on the telephone wires? Well now he is my district leader and has to call us every night. It was funny because he called when Hna. Manner and I were together again and the three of were laughing about that day. Hna. Manner is still upset haha. This Elder served in Cañuelas the same time as me and now is in the same ward as me again so I have already forgiven him, but Hna. Manner no!

Then on Saturday there was a Capilla Abierta in Claypole and it was great! In the morning we worked in a part super poor with dirt roads and with all the rain we´ve been having that means lots of mud. Luckilly we had our rain boots but I have never been so grateful for cement! In the afternoon it started raining but miraculously we were still able to give 6 or 7 tours of the capilla. The best part was when an investigator that got baptized this weekend came and wanted to hear us sing hymns so as we we waiting for more people to come, I sang with a couple other hermanas and the spirit was so strong! It was great to see a lot of other missionaries all together and to see friends from my other areas again.

The rest of the week Hna, Rivarola and I enjoyed our time together! We know that this upcoming week is our last week as companions because this is our 2nd transfer together. It rained a few days and these last couple days have been super super cold. Enjoy the heat of summer for me! We spoke with many people and invited them to come unto Christ and even though many didn´t accept our invitation- at least we opened our mouths! We are doing a lot of planting seeds here and the missionaries in the future are going to have a ton of baptisms I am sure! Even though our investigators aren´t progressing as we would like them too, we know we are doing our best and fulfilling our part. By small and simple things, great things come to pass! D&C 64:33-34

This is Week 6 of the transfer... on Saturday we will hear about transfers! It has been a great 3 months with Hna. Rivarola and I love her so much! If you remember from the Mother´s Day Skype, she is a bit crazy but it has been so great! She is really loving and funny and I am going to miss her! We are anxious to hear what will happen the next transfer!

Also, Hna. Dias is flying home to Brazil tomorrow and has finished her mission! Hna. Roman will go home the next Monday and I am grateful that I could see her at the Capilla Abierta before she leaves!As more and more of my companions are finishing their missions, I am realizing that my time is running short too! I only have 3 more transfers left and I am trying to make the best of the time I have in Argentina!

Mom:  Wow that kayaking trip sounds so cool! I would love to go on the next trip! The photos are so pretty. Wow Happy anniversary to grandma and grandpa!

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