Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 61: New Investigators/Seeing the growth the Mission has taught me

This week we were able to teach Evelin and Damian. They were super interested in Joseph Smith and I love teaching them. They weren´t able to come to church, but hopefully the next week!

We also taught Mariela and her daughters Alma and Azul. They can´t come to church all this month so they can´t get baptized until September... But we are going to do FHE with them and keep teaching and helping them learn. 

We have also been visiting recent converts Juana and Victoriano who are 72 and 78 years old. They are really funny and it is so great to see them smile when we come to visit them. They are a little lonely and they get so happy when we come! Through our little actions we can help others so much! This week we started teaching their granddaughter named Sol. She is 15 years old and wants to be baptized too! 

On Thursday we had zone Conference. I was uplifted as I listened to Pres and Hermana Calquin and the assistants. I felt so grateful to be here and learn the importance of service and how to share the gospel.  Afterward we played sports and I realized how out of shape I am. I was super sore afterwards and I am nervous for what it´s going to feel like to train for tennis again.

On Saturday the Elders had a baptism of a man named Carlos. They found him two weeks ago and he was so ready to hear the gospel! It was cool to see how somebody could accept the gospel so quickly! 

If we are not teaching we are walking in the streets and talking to almost everyone who crosses our path. We look for the old contacts or old investigators and try to make appointments with them. We have a lot of appointments the next week so we will see if we can find some new investigators. A lot of times the appointments fall through but now it doesn't bother me. It's the same thing every day so at times I don´t know what to write!

 My companion who has less time in the mission has a harder time accepting when the people aren't there, or when they don´t progress very quickly. I have learned not worry about things I can't control which is a something I think will be useful after the mission too. I have to be positive for her and help her have the faith that there are people for us to find. 
I can see parts of the old me in Hna. Zarate and I am happy to see that I have changed and progressed in the mission and I know that she will too! Some things just take time to learn. I am glad I can be an example for her. She is still super sweet and is always looking for ways to help! I am enjoying my time with her.

Bishop Pititto (the bishop here in Banfield 1) said in his testimony yesterday that getting angry or stressed or upset is our own decision. I think that is so true and it is definitely an important lesson to learn in the mission when we are surrounded by multiple disappointments and rejections every day. When we make the choice to not let it bother us, we can get a lot more done.

I love my area. I would be happy to be here the rest of my mission but I probably will leave after this transfer in the first week of September. I know my way around pretty well and we have friends that we always see in the street that we always say hi! The members are giving us lunch every day now and members that we have never eaten with have been signing up, so I am enjoying my  getting to know them. I am a bit comfortable here so I know a change is coming...

I love you all! 

P.S. Wow Mom the pictures of the waterfall are so pretty! That was scary about Champ and I hope he gets better soon! 

Awww JJ is so sweet haha I am excited to eat Mac and Cheese again too- they don´t have it here. Well they don´t eat very much cheese in general here- it is something I miss!

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