Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 60: I love my area of Timperley

Hi Mom. My health is just great! I feel super blessed with my health! Yes, if nobody lets us in to teach, we are walking all day in the cold but the movement of walking warms us up. But I don´t have pains or problems!

This week was awesome! Full of miracles. First on Monday we received a referral from a member and we were able to teach them! They are Miriam and her mom Marta and they have a lot of faith. It was rainy and cold on Sunday so they weren't able to come to church, but they want to next week! The lessons were so great and teaching the lessons have become one of my favorite things in the mission.

Yesterday we taught a 17 year old named Evelin and her brother in law Damian. She was a contact that we made in the street and she said that she was looking for a church to go to but didn't know which. Her mom let us in and we were able to gain a lot of trust in this family. Evelin has been struggling with depression but I think our message helped her. She has a lot of sincere desire to learn more about the church and God and has a baptism date! Damian too! I loved teaching them and helping them! 

Also on Saturday the Elders and us organized a Ward Family home Evening and they were going to give the lesson and we were in charge of the activity. An hour before it started they called to say that a dog bit one of the elders and that they had to go to the hospital and couldn't come! We had an appointment with Miriam and Marta right before the FHE and now it was up to us to lead the whole activity! We had invited all of our investigators and the members and it was pretty stressful! It ended up that 13 members came and none of the investigators, but it was still really great! We planned a quick lesson and had a lot of participation and it was fun to get to know the members better. I am loving my area!

The photo was when Hermana Zarate and I made Ham and cheese empanadas for lunch one day! They are one of my favorite foods! Hermana Zarate is super great and is always serving me. She makes me breakfast, or makes my bed, or washes the dishes. She is super sweet! She is a really great teacher and works really hard. If I didn't know better I wouldn't believe that she only has 3 months in the mission. I have been so blessed with my companions!

Love you all!

Hermana McBride

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