Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 9- "Learning to Love the Scriptures"

It was a faith-building week. In my studies I have felt the Lord´s love for me as I came across D&C 58:2-4, 27-28 which became my scripture for the week. I realized that even though I can´t do a lot of things, I can have a positive attitude and be obedient and work hard. This is the hardest thing in my life so far and it definitely makes me use every bit of faith and hope for the future that I can muster. I am learning to love the scriptures. 

I always pictured the Savior walking down dusty roads, and  I'd take that any day over this! 

Beautiful and green with very modest residences

                Hermana Abate Daga is my trainer, or my "Mommy." I'm her "Baby," or trainee. 

    This week, my love for the people here has grown. Even though I can´t understand everything people say, they are so passionate and animated when they speak. Everybody always greets each other with a hug and kiss on the cheek. My companion thinks us Americans are "cold" for not doing that. They also drink "Mate Cocido" all the time, which is just a kind of herbal tea. There is also "Mate" [a different version] which is popular too.  They drink it out of the "Goia," but we as missionaries can´t have that. It's true everybody just passes the cup around the room with the same metal straw. I usually have 3-4 cups a day because every house we go to offers us some.  

 Everyone Drinks an herbal beverage called "Mate"

    I am enjoying getting to know the members of our ward better. This week my companion gave me more responsibility and had me doing the planning every night.  I am in charge of the map and am trying to lead the way more so I can learn the area better. We went to some new parts of the town to see some members and an investigator out of the area. It was really beautiful. I wish I could take more pictures, but my companion gets so anxious when I take out my camera. She says I am going to get robbed. I feel pretty safe in San Vicente but still I only can take a picture when no one is around. 
    We didn't have much success this week. Our appointments keep falling through or no one answers their doors.  But fear not,  all is well! 

Times up! I love you all!

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