Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 13: Laura's Wedding/Elder Packer's Visit

                             Decorations We Helped Make for Laura and Brian's Wedding

In the beginning of the week we had appointments with 3 of our investigators that have a lot of potential.  Unfortunately all of them fell through. When that happens we have lists of old investigators that we can try to visit or future investigators that we have contacted in the streets. Or we visit less active members. There are times when I  don´t feel very productive if nobody is home or if everybody is busy. Then we helped Laura make cakes and other sweets for her wedding. We peeled a ton of potatoes and made the center decorations for the tables.

On Thursday we had our mission conference with Elder Allan F. Packer of the First Quorum of the Seventy. He and his wife spoke about obedience and stressed the importance of focusing on the temple more with investigators. I was sitting in the front row so he called me and my companion up during the conference with a pair of Elders for an example which was scary. Afterwards was the interview and it was in English (Yay!). While Î was waiting I talked with Hermana Packer and she was really nice. In the interview he just get to know me a little and then asked what I learned from the conference and if I was worthy of a temple recommend. He said to thank my family for their support,  so "Thank you" from Elder Packer! 
     He then said that this mission is the best use of my time right now and that what I learn in the mission will help me be a lifelong missionary and better person, spouse, and mother. He also said that I won't meet my most important "investigators" on the mission because they are my future children. Pretty cool!  The whole interview was about 10 minutes. Dad,  I was able to ask him about Boyd Tuttle and have that little connection with him.

 On Friday was the wedding of Laura and Brian Fernandez.  All the family and a few members showed up (everybody in jeans). We all just went in a little room and a lady came in and gave a little speech about unity. She then had them sign a paper and they were married. It was really casual. Afterwards was a little reception . 
Brian and Laura Fernandez Family

Brian and Laura Wedding Reception

     The coolest part was the next day at the baptism. The Èlders and Sister Abate Daga and I practiced a special musical number.  Laura was crying the whole time.  It was pretty powerful. The Spirit was really strong during the baptisms and gave me more motivation to work hard to find people that are prepared to hear the gospel.  Tobias, the 9 year old son, said that he wanted to serve a mission. That was really sweet. He had invited one of his friends to the baptism and the friend said that  he wanted to be baptized too. We have made plans to start teaching him as well.
Baptism of Brian, Laura, and Tobias Fernandez

Notes:  Òkay Î got the bad computer again so the exclamation point doesn´t work and there is a lot of weird marks. Sorry. Î loved your story mom about the kids fishing.  Î was laughing out loud and got weird looks from the Êlder sitting next to me. haha thank you. ^Thank you for your idea about the rice sock thing Ì am going to make one of those for my sore neck and shoulders!

^Thank you dad Î love this photo. [taken of the kids on the First day of school.]   Îs ^Coleman still growing  ^JJ is gorgeous!

Flashback: These were some of my friends from the MTC. (taken in June)

Times up but Î love you. Î love you guys so much!

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