Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 23: Learning to Listen to the Spirit of the Lord

I feel very blessed that I haven´t been sick or anything. A lot of other hermanas have been getting sick or have back or feet problems. My compi still struggles with her stomach problems. We went to the doctor and they are going to do the thing where they put camera down her throat. She now can't eat wheat, milk, potatoes, tomatoes, or onions. Even without these things her stomach is almost always uneasy. She thinks it might be stress too. She has lost 25 pounds in the last 5 months and has to pin all of her skirts because they are too big. I feel so bad for her.

 My companion doesn't have a good steady home so I am continually grateful for mine. Her parents are divorced, and all are inactive in the Church. Her mom didn't want her to serve a mission and still doesn't talk to her. Her dad is really busy and hardly writes either. Hna Molinero and her 2 sisters and brother (she is the oldest) had to live for a time with her aunt, then with her grandma because her mom's house wasn't a steady or a happy place to live. How difficult! We will find out this upcoming Saturday in transfers if I will get a new comp. We are both anxious to hear what changes are going to happen! We had a good week together this week and are enjoying our time together now.

Hermana Molinero & I

We are having lunch with members everyday. Since Hermana Molinero can't eat many things, we are eating a lot of rice with chicken or beef with salad. Other popular foods are empanadas- I can´t think of how to describe it in English, milanaisa- a fried chicken patty type thing, pizza, lots of beef, pork, pastas, potatoes or chicken. A lot of the food is fried and people don't use seasonings other than salt here, so everything is pretty plain. I haven't tried anything weird yet, but the Elders in our ward ate cow stomach and intestines this week.

And yes I still have to wash my clothes by hand! See below:

Is it getting cold yet in PA? It got so hot here this week! Our apartment doesn't have an air conditioner or blinds and it is so miserable! The pench is so hot and it is hard to sleep. We only have one fan and I feel so gross all the time. My favorite thing right now is a cold shower. I am going to die in the summer here! The sun is so strong and piercing. I heard it got up to 34 degrees C here (about 93 degrees F.) 

This week we did two Family Home Evenings with two awesome families who are members of the ward. We had to make up fun lessons because they both had small kids. Both went so well and I love the families so much! I remember when the missionaries at home did fun object lessons and it is amazing that now this is my role!

I had "tramittes" (visa paperwork appointment) again this week and Hermana Molinero had a doctor´s appointment the day before. We stayed a night in the pench of the same Hermanas as a few weeks ago to minimize travel time. We made divisions again so I was with Hermana Menezes from Brazil. We only could work for 4 hours but we saw so many miracles! We had a goal to talk to younger people because a lot of times, we think it is easier to talk to the grandpas than the teenagers. We suppose that the teenagers aren't interested, when really the teenagers are more likely to change and we can teach their families too! Throughout the afternoon, we met 3 really nice teenagers who all gave us their address and telephone number and we made an appointment to come back to teach them.

 One time there was a young couple sitting in front of a house across the street from a future investigator. After we contacted him, we walked passed the couple and turned the corner. Hermana Menezes stopped me and said she felt really strongly that we needed to go talk to the couple but that she was scared. I said that this was more reason to go talk to them because the Adversary is working against us the hardest right before something good is about to happen. So after a deep breath, we turned the corner again, but the couple had disappeared! Afraid that we had missed our opportunity, we knocked on the door that they had been sitting in front of and a girl who was 15 years old answered and was so open to our message. She agreed for us to teach her a lesson right then and accepted to come to church as well as a baptismal date. She was so ready and loved our lesson. We were both so happy that we had followed the Spirit! 

Afterwards Hermana Menezes felt that she should visit a less active family that wasn't in the plans and was a 15 minute bus ride away. We went and were able to teach them and afterward we saw another less active member in the street. She invited us to come and teach her too! She had been having trouble with her spouse and I think we really helped her feel more peace and hope for the future and helped her remember her testimony. At the end of the day, we were amazed that we were able to teach 3 lessons and have such success. The key is to listen to the Spirit and then act!

Great news! There was a baptism this week of Nahuel & Nazareno Hermana in my previous area of San Vicente.  Hma. Abate Daga and I found them and were teaching them before I left! 

Nahuel & Nazareno along with Hma Abate Daga & her Companion
The parents also want to be baptized but will have to get married before they can proceed but both desire it!
Aww I am so happy!
Wonderful Cake for their Baptism!

To Family:
Wow Coleman is so tall- taller than you? And now Dean is taller than Mom? How tall are they both now? And mom is looking better than ever- so thin and gorgeous! You look handsome and tan as well Dad:) I am so proud of my family!

 Following Dean & Coleman's performance of Pride & Prejudice

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