Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 24: Changes Coming this Week

 The upcoming transfers are going to be crazy!!! We were so surprised when we heard what is going to happen in Aldo Bonzi!All week we were so nervous about what was going to happen and we thought we had evaluated all of our options, but we were dead wrong. 
 Hermana Ochoa (Cordoba, Argentina) & Hermana Davis (Nevada) 
They are so fun and it is so great to have them nearby.
It was the last week of the transfer so every night we went over to our neighboring hermanas house to chat in our hour of personal time before bed because we knew changes were coming.

Hermana Molinero and I are going to be together again... and we will be receiving a new missionary straight from the CCM and will be training her together as a trio!!! Crazy, right? The only trio in the mission. We have a training meeting tomorrow and will meet her tomorrow- we don't know who our new companion will be! At first I didn't like the idea, but now I am excited and I feel like I will learn a lot in the coming weeks!

So on Wednesday Hermana Davis called at 8:30am during personal study time to announce that Trump had won the election. A member in her ward had called her to keep her up to date. Every house we went to that day had the news on watching updates about the election. All this week, people in the street would stop me and ask what I thought about Trump. I guess it is pretty obvious that I am not from here. It was great- we contacted more people  and it helped us teach more people about Christ. 

A young single adult member brought a friend to church last week named Melody. She came to church again this week and we are teaching her. She is our only progressing investigator and we are hoping that she will be baptized in the next month! The other exciting thing that happened is that a less active member named Gisella (21 year old) accepted to accompany us and came with us for 4 hours in the afternoon. All of our appointments fell through so we were just walking and making contacts, but it is so great that she is opening up to us a little more. We have been visiting her a lot since her mom died from cancer a month ago and she is continually coming to church. It is a blessing to see her turn to the gospel and gain strength in this hard time of her life.

Yesterday we did service as we helped a member family clean a house that they are going to move into. We were so excited that somebody actually accepted our offer to serve and that we could help them out! They have to paint, pack, and move in a month so we will be helping them more in the coming weeks.

Thank you for writing me! I hope this week goes well for everyone! I pray for you guys every night!

Lots of love, 

Hermana McBride

We made Zone t-shirts. Pictured is my district leader (the taller one) and his companion 

My District

Dulce de Leche! :) 

To Mom: What a spiritual week you and Dad had! I wish I could go to the temple. For my mission we aren't permitted to go to the temple even though right now it is 20 minutes away from me. :( And yes, I will be able to Skype on Christmas. I will still be here in Aldo Bonzi and we have already arranged with a member family to use their computer.

To JJ: I miss you too JJ! There is a girl in my ward here that reminds me of you and I miss you a lot whenever she walks by in her cute dresses just like you had. I am so glad you like school because there are a lot of years more that you have to study in school! You are so smart and beautiful and I am so glad you are my sister! BFFS forever! Literally- I teach people every week that families can be together forever and I believe it!

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