Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 25: Trio Life, Faith & Action Difusses Conflict

This week was full of ups and downs too! Hermana Molinero and I were nervous, then excited about training. On Monday night, our neighbor Hermana Davis was in a trio with us because she is training too. Tuesday morning she curled my hair and we traveled to Banfield to be trained to be trainers.
Hermana Davis Curled my Hair!

Hermana Molinero & Hermana Davis waiting for Bus to Banfield

      The meeting was so good and I felt really humble to be with all the other trainers- all of whom except one had more time and experience in the mission than I. The assistants to the president told us that we are the leaders of the mission and that we have a big responsibility to teach the new missionaries correctly. At around 4:30 in the afternoon all the trainers sang "Called to Serve" (Llamados a Servir) as the new missionaries walked in the chapel. Then Pres. Calquin paired us up. There was such anticipacion and I remembered when I first met my trainer. We have Hermana Ortiz from Columbia! She is 20 years old, is serious, but has her sassy moments, and is the only active member of the church in her family. 

Hermana Ortiz from Columbia finds her bed had been Heart-Attacked

She was just reactivated in the church in January of this year and decided to leave for the mission. She has a lot of knowledge about the church and doesn't have problems talking to people in the streets. The first 3 days I had a hard time understanding her because she has a different accent and she talks sooo fast!

Hermana Molinero, Hermana McBride, Hermana Ortiz

On Thursday I had a good cry session. I felt inadequate to be a part trainer of Hna. Ortiz and felt frustrated with the language. Being the tall "Gringa" with two petite Latinas who already can speak perfectly wasn't easy. I felt like Hermana Ortiz didn't respect me because I couldn't express myself as well as them. At first Hna. Molinero and her got a long really well and I was kind of the odd one out. But I realized I need to stop comparing myself to them and just be me! I can only try my best and be an example to her of obedience. 

Later on Thurday, we went on splits when a member agreed to come out with us and I was with Hna. Ortiz. In the hour and a half that we had together, we were able to find and teach 3 new investigators, and make an appointment to return with another lady. We had so much success! Now we have a better relationship and I know that she respects me.

Throughout the week I realized how needed I am in this trio because Hna. Molinero and Ortiz are both somewhat stubborn and had a few arguments. At one point we were walking silently in the street and they were both upset at each other and it was sooo uncomfortable. I prayed that I could know how to fix this situation. Afterwards I just started talking to every person in the street we saw about the church. After a few people, they started doing the same and after a time, the discomfort disappeared and we were we were laughing. I knew that had silently forgiven each other. That day I made a contact with a lady who is amazing and now a progressing investigator and I grew in my confidence in talking to people. I felt so good sharing my testimony with the people and even though most people rejected us, I knew I had done everything I could that day to share the gospel.

During the 3 months of training, we have to do 4 hours of studying a day which means less time in the heat! It wasn't too hot this week, but it will be nice to be able to study in the hottest parts of the day as the summer comes. Language study is one of my favorite parts of the day because they both want to learn English, so I am enjoying helping them in this aspect. I am the one that actually knows things!  We just have to be careful that I can study my Spanish too! 

The time is passing so fast- I reached a new level of happiness in the mission this week and I think it was because I was thinking about helping and caring for Hna. Ortiz in place of thinking about myself. 

I love you guys so much! Almost a month until Navidad! :)

[AUDREY included this post-script in Spanish]:
 Mucho besos! Tengo que ir ahora, pero les amo un munton! :) Estaba pensando que quizas debo escribir un poco mas en Español a ustedes para que pueden reconocer que eso es la unica tiempo en que estoy pensando en Ingles! En serio, mi cuesta a hablar en Ingles ahora! Es increible como la mente puede aprender y cambiar. Hace 5 meses yo no sabia nada de Español!

"Much love & kisses! I have to go now but I love you and Mom a TON! I was thinking that I wanted to write to you more in Spanish so that you could recognize that this is the only time of the week that I am thinking in English! Seriously, it is hard for me to speak Englsih now! It is incredible that the mind can learn and change. It's only been 5 months that I didn't know hardly anything in Spanish!

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