Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 48: "After the trial, cometh the blessings!"

So sorry that I couldn´t write yesterday! It was a holiday here and everything was closed so we couldn´t write!

Here is my update: 
So last week we taught Fanny and Maria Mercedes  everyday and everything was so ready for the baptism. Maria is her niece who lives with her and takes care of her. She is less active in the church. On Saturday morning Maria Mercedes sent us a message saying that Fanny wasn't going to be baptized. She offered a bunch of excuses and then hung up on us. When we tried to call back she wouldn't answer the phone or respond to messages. We don´t know what happened or why they are acting like this.  We had such a great relationship with them. So we had to call and tell all the members who were a part of the baptism that it was cancelled... I hope it is just postponed, but with Fanny very dependent on Maria Mercedes I don´t know if she will be able to progress. We still haven´t been able to talk to Fanny so we don´t know how she is or if all of this is just her niece. I really don´t like all of the drama.  We are going to pass by today and see if she can talk to them.

The whole week was a bit rough. We couldn't find any new investigators and we ended up discontinuing with 4 investigators because they weren't progressing. The ETMs (training sisters) arrived just in time to help us find more people to teach. It is times like these when the lunches with members save us and it is what we look forward to everyday. 

Saturday we helped deep-clean the chapel with the ward. It was so great to do a little service and be surrounded by members while we were disappointed about the baptism. On Sunday I gave a talk about faith and hope and it went really well. You guys should study Ether 12 and Moroni 7 this week. They are such great chapters! I just had a few quotes and scriptures to read and then just said what came to mind about what I had studied and prepared during the week.  I remember before the mission I would write word for word my talk and read it so I am glad I am progressing in my public speaking skills a bit. The members were so nice afterwards. I really love the members in this ward. 
Me, my companion Hna Roman, Hna Diaz, & Hma Ochoa

We are going to try to coordinate where and what time we will do our mother's day Skype this next week. I am so excited to see the family again! I don´t know how my English will be! Even today just writing in English is a bit hard. I keep wanting to write the Spanish words...

Hermana Roman and I are staying together for another 6 weeks! Yesterday we got a call and we will be having the ETMs (the traveling sisters) stay with us this week! For this new transfer there are 3 of the 4 hermana ETMs are new. We will have one pair this week and the other two the following week. This week is Hna. Dias and Hna. Ochoa and the next week Hna. Davis and Hna. Menezes! I´ve had great experiences with all four of them so it is going to be so fun! We will do the same thing as before- rotating companions everyday. I will be planning and guiding the area for my half and Hna. Roman for her half. I am so excited! 

Today marks 11 months in the mission! I cannot believe how fast the time flies. It is May now! I also finished studying El Libro de Mormon cover to cover today! I have a testimony stronger than ever that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it can help us everyday of our lives. 

I love you guys so much!

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