Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 49: Unexpected Change

This week ended up being really different than I thought it was going to be- but it was so much better than what I had planned! On Monday night, the Sister Training leaders arrived and we worked super hard Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We talked with so many people and it was so fun working with my roommate from the MTC Hermana Ochoa and my old companion Hermana Dias .With Hermana Dias we found a lot of people with a lot of potential. One lady named Susanna even said that they had been looking for a church but hadn't liked all of the ones she had gone to. She said she felt she needed baptism in her life and wanted a closer relationship with God. She was a miracle! We also talked to Fanny and she said that she was having some problems with her family and her health and that she didn't want to get baptized or go to church for now. She said we could pass by in a few weeks. We promised her blessings and invited her again but we can´t force the people so for now we just have to wait. 

Hermana Lopez, me, Hermana Rivarola and Hermana Abate Daga (sitting down)
Thursday night us four hermanas were enjoying ourselves chatting and eating popcorn and hot chocolate when we got a call from the assistants to President Calquin, calling in his behalf. They said that an Hermana had gone home early and so as part of emergency changes her companion, Hermana Ortiz (with whom I was in a trio for two weeks in Aldo Bonzi) would be coming to San Jose and be Hermana Roman´s new companion and that I would be going to the area Banfield 1A to be in a trio. We were so surprised and they said that they would come to pick me up the next morning at 8:30. Luckily, Hna. Roman, Dias, and Ochoa were there to comfort me in my tears and shock and they helped me pack my suitcases. And just like that I was in my 5th area in a trio and I had to start all over with meeting the members, learning the area, and getting used to all the new surroundings. I loved my short 6 weeks in San Jose and I didn't get to say goodbye to any of the members. It took me a few days to get my mind around the change since it all happened so fast.

 But I have learned that God had a better plan for me and now I am very happy in my new area. My new companions are Hermana Lopez from Paraguay with 9 months in the mission and Hermana Rivarola from Cordoba Argentina with 6 months. I wasn't excited to be in a trio again but they are both really awesome, sweet, and crazy at the same time and it is so fun to be around them. This weekend was so special because my trainer Hermana Abate Daga was living with us for her last week in the mission. My companions and I had some really fun experiences in Hna. Abate´s last days of her mission. There were lots of jokes about dating and marriage and all the new things awaiting at home. We also had super spiritual experiences talking with her reflecting back on her mission and the things she had learned. We were able to look at pictures and notes from the beginning of my mission when Hna. Abate and I were companions and remember the good times we had together. We both couldn't believe how fast the time flies. She was picked up for the airport this afternoon and we were all crying and hugging and it was such a bittersweet experience. I never thought that I would get to see her in her last days of the mission. It was such a tender mercy to be able to spend these last few days by her side.

 My Hair-Do for Church by Hermana Lopez

My two new companions- Hermana Rivarola (sitting down)
 and Hermana Lopez (braiding the hair)

To help me accept the change of areas, Friday night, we found a lady named Marcela outside of her house raking leaves and we offered to help.  (It´s fall here! getting colder every day!) With a little persistence she finally accepted and we helped her rake for a good hour. While we were working we told her who we were and what we believed and she was super interested in the Plan of Salvation. We gained her confidence that day and we were able to teach a lesson on Saturday. She is seriously so ready to accept the gospel and has so many great questions! I am so excited to keep teaching her and help her progress! 

The going away party for Hermana Abate Daga

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