Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 50: Good Conference, Principle of Obedience

This week was a little rough. It got super cold and it rained almost everyday. Now all three of us are sick and we hope that this next week is better.
We taught about 10 lessons this week one of which was with Marcela and two with another investigator Miriam. They are our investigators with the most potential to get baptized but I think they both need a little time. Neither of them came to church. Three of our investigators told us they weren't interested anymore and we couldn't find anyone new. 

Family Home Evening with a Family that was Recently Baptized

Thursday was interviews with President and before hand they took away all the mini CD players TVs that the mission provided (every pench had one) and that we were not allowed to listen to any music not even hymns and that we will only be able to go to the temple in the last week of our mission as is tradition. (Evidently there was some abuse of the rules in this area by several.) I was sad that now we couldn't listen to music and that now we couldn't go to the temple. Before it was nice to watch church movies and we would do exercise videos in the mornings. But it's ok.  Now I thought of other ways to do exercises. The only electronics we have is one cheap cell phone just for messages and calls- one for every companionship. It really bugs me when we have privileges taken away because of the bad choices of others. I felt a little strangled by the strictness of the rules but I promised President that I would obey. I know there are deeper purposes for the mission rules than what may appear and that we will be blessed as we obey them. 

                                              Hermana Lopez works her Magic with my Hair

 After the interviews we did practices with the assistants and it was super awesome. We talked about promising specific blessings, talking less in the lessons, and choosing our words more carefully so the concepts are clearer and more powerful for the people. It is harder than it sounds to do these things, but I did pretty well in the practices with them even with the pressure. Hermana Lopez, Hna. Rivarola, and I are practicing- it takes a lot of effort to be a good teacher! I hope to improve in my teaching skills before the end of my mission.

My favorite part of the week was a Family Home Evening we did with a family of recent converts and practicing with the ward choir of recent converts. I love the power of music and that I can accompany the choir on the piano. 

Sorry I am out of time! But I love you!

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