Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 51: Miracles in Banfield

Thanks for all your prayers! Our health got better quickly and we saw miracles this week.

On Tuesday Hna. Rivarola and I had exchanges with Hna. Molinero and it was great to work with her and laugh about old times.

It was still really cold and we were blessed for our sacrifice and we found 5 new investigators, 3 of them on Thursday! It was rainy all day but in the morning we found a woman maned Nancy who is family of members in San Vicente and in the last 15 minutes of proselyting we found 2 more! The blessings of obedience and enduring to the end. We were so happy that we went and bought a dulce de leche pie and used our matching mugs to celebrate! On Saturday it was Hna. Rivarola´s 7th cumple mes (anniversary) in the mission. We bought sub sandwiches and ice cream. We are enjoying our time together! This week Hna Lopez and I have our cumple meses as well so the parties will continue!

We are Enjoying Being in a Trio

On Saturday we found a man in the morning who agreed to listen to us and he said that he just wanted to find more happiness in his life. It was great to teach him and promise him that he has a Savior who suffered for him and that has a Plan of Happiness for him. He was our other new investigator. 

Saturday night we were teaching one of our investigators named Romina and one of her friends named Genoveve knocked on the door. We introduced ourselves and she began to tell about how her daughter died and that she has been struggling to find peace for years now. Throughout the lesson we felt the Spirit so strongly and she accepted a baptism date for June 10. The next day Romina, Genoveve, and one of her daughters named Millie all came to church! 

Update on Marcela: She was sick all week but was finally able to listen to us last night. She didn't come to church but also accepted a baptism date for June 10. The lesson was so great and she had been studying El Libro de Mormon. She opened up a little more about her life and it turns out that she loves theater and has done a lot of shows in a theater in Buenos Aires. She showed us a video of her as the wicked witch in Wicked and she sings and acts so amazingly well! She is super talented and it was so cool to get to know her more. I love her so much.

This area is a gold mine of people ready to listen to the gospel- I hope I can be here for a good couple of months! My faith that there are people ready to listen is growing and I am learning so much from my companions. I feel so grateful to know that God is looking out for me.

Enjoy the temple with Dean! I love you all!

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